Monday, November 8, 2010

A surprise around every corner

Even within a short drive from home, we still keep coming across things to surprise and delight us.

Yesterday, we went to see the annual salmon run, coincidentally exactly the same weekend as when we went last year.

This year is supposed to be a mega salmon spawning event, but there were actually far fewer fish at Goldstream than we've seen previously. Don't know why that would be so, but the high expectations meant the place was packed with visitors. The highway is narrow there, and was very busy. Once we'd strolled up and down a while, and stopped for a bite to eat, it was time to exit the narrow and congested parking lot.

Rather than join the line of cars waiting for the one-gap-every-five-minutes-or-so to exit onto the highway, we decided to take the largely-ignored and very narrow road leading up into the hills in the other direction.

We knew this would take us home eventually. Instead of looping down and around the north end of Victoria on the highway this road actually cuts through the Highlands in more-or-less the right direction for home. Just a lot slower, because many miles of it are up and down, around twists and turns, and only one car wide in places.

But we were in no hurry, and this was a road we've never been along before, so it beat the heck out of waiting in a line up.

And we were glad we did. It's good once in a while to travel a road you've not used before, so this was a little bit of adventure to brighten up a chilly Sunday.

We drove (slowly) through some beautiful scenery as we wound around the back of Mt. Finlayson.

We came across a fence made of skis...

And as we passed Prospect Lake golf course we saw deer grazing...

Finally we stopped off at the Red Barn market for ice cream to celebrate life's pleasant surprises.


  1. Great ski fence! Ha! Gotta love people who come up with these original ideas that keep the rest us amused on car trips. :)

  2. Hi Ian,
    I just love going down some back, narrow, out of the way road. And narrow, my goodness, did the roads take some getting used to over here:-)
    I'm quite familiar with the area you mentioned. Mt. Finlayson is an awesome location.
    Out of curiosity. I was just wondering if you have been to one of my favourite places, Ucluelet.
    Enjoy your day.
    In kindness, Gary.

  3. Yes, Jean, I just love discovering those little quirky things hidden away here and there.

    Gary, if you want to experience narrow roads, try Guernsey. Some of the country lanes are only inches wider than your car, and sometimes lined both sides with very unforgiving granite walls.

    We've not yet made it to Ucluelet. We keep saying we want to get out to the West coast, but the farthest we've gone in that direction so far is Port Alberni. One day...

  4. Nothing beats a good back looks like it was a lovely drive. Great pictures :)

  5. It was a lovely drive, Sam, and the best bit was that it was unexpected - absolutely not what we'd planned.

  6. Aww the deer!!! And the fence made of skii's I can almost understand that. I like a touch of whimsy in life.

  7. Hey T.Anne, life without whimsy is like salad without dressing.


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