Friday, November 26, 2010

A long way from the Caribbean

Now that the leaves have fallen, I can see properly into that far corner of the yard. And today was the first time in ages that I've not been scrambling to get to work and have had the time to look properly out of the kitchen window in real daylight.

And there was the pirate ship, peering around from its berth behind the tree fort, looking a long way from home in the lingering snow.


  1. After just writing 10,000 words aboard a pirate ship in my novel this week . . . I'm all pirate shipped out! :)

    That is quite the sight to look out your window and see in your yard, though. I wonder what it looks like covered in snow.

  2. Hi Ian,
    The pirate ship does look somewhat out of place. I reckon there's not a lot of snow in the Caribbean:-)
    Hope you are staying warm. No doubt, you've heard about the snow we've been experiencing, over here.
    Right then, must go, I'm all 'poop decked' out...
    Kind regards, Gary:-)

  3. 10,000 words in a week, David? That's amazingly good going! Sounds like you're on a roll there.

    Hey Gary, I've heard you've got some Arctic conditions over there. Had an email from my brother to say they've even had some in Guernsey today. Bet that's brought the place to a halt. They're even less used to it than Victoria ;)

  4. And here I am watching the grass turn yellow, storms hit the skies, and knowing that around the corner of January lies a sweltering heat wave. Ahh, the differences in hemispheres!

  5. And I guess you'll also be looking forward to barbecued turkey soon, maybe? Yes, the differences in hemispheres indeed. Somehow Christmas in midsummer just doesn't feel right.


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