Monday, February 20, 2017

Sweet successes

With all the crap still in the news (Are we already on the campaign trail for 2020? Really?) sometimes it’s best to administer an antidote by celebrating some of the small wins in life.

Success #1

I discovered last year that I write best when I can listen to music on headphones. We have a family subscription to iTunes so we have access to a long list of titles but I’d always been signed in with Ali’s ID which means when I’m listening, she can’t. A family subscription should mean we can both access the store at the same time.

We went through an afternoon of frustration a few weeks ago trying to get this working, sifting through the clear-as-mud instructions on the interwebs (are we signing in or out of iTunes, iCloud, or the App Store, or all three at once? And was that my ID or Ali’s it wants here?) and going round in circles. In best bureaucratic manner we ended up with conflicting messages, first saying I needed to be added to family sharing, then saying I can’t be added because I’m already there. Meanwhile, no music.

Yesterday we had another crack at it, and got it working.


I can now download my own library without having to leaf through a load of artists I have no interest it.

Success #2

As a rule, we go more for savory foods than sweet. I’m much more inclined to go for seconds than for dessert, but once in a while a pudding makes a welcome change. Trouble is, apart from homemade cheesecake, I don’t normally do desserts.

A while ago, Ali’s brother bought us a book called Great British Puddings, full of mouth-watering recipes. I kept getting drawn to it recently, and finally decided to try one of the recipes.

I give you ... lemon sponge.
With custard, of course.
Ali is the baker in the family so she helped out, but the result was very pleasing. Trouble is, the kids enjoyed it too, which is why there’s so little left.


Danette said...

We all definitely have to enjoy the small things! The pudding looks delicious (I've never had a pudding like that) and I write best with music on without having to choose songs. Just zone into what I'm doing. If I start singing along, then not much writing is going to happen.
btw: he's campaigning in the sense that he's going straight to the people who support him so he can control the lies. The added bonus is... paid for with campaign dollars.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ian - can quite see eliminating noise is helpful ... luckily it's just me - but good you've got the itunes working. The lemon sponge looks really good - well done ... good old fashioned pud ... I have friends who make these sorts of things and they are delicious ... usually desserts skip me by - good thing too! I can see many more puds coming out from that book - good buy by Ali's brother ...

Enjoy - cheers Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

ITunes can be tricky, and often my wife and I end up sharing stuff, but we can be logged in at the same time. Glad you figured it out.
Not into sweets either. Glad you found one you enjoy.

stephen Hayes said...

Yum. If I'd been invited there wouldn't be any left.

Botanist said...

Danette, the pudding was delicious. You can't really see it in the photo, but the top absorbed a whole load of syrup. Mmmm...

Hilary, I love these old-fashioned puds. There are loads of recipes to try, too.

Alex, iTunes was tricky, but looks like we're there now.

Stephen, I can hardly believe that! :D

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