Monday, November 15, 2010

Something warm for a windy day

Typical Monday evening: Ali gets the kids a meal while I'm on my way home from work, then she and Megan disappear off to Guides. Meanwhile I start on a meal for the grown-ups, in the middle of which I drop Matthew off at a music lesson. Ali collects him (it is just down the road from the church where Guides meet) and when they all get home it is time for some adult quality time, shared with curry and beer. All choreographed with military precision.

This evening was no different, except when I took Matthew out to music I ran the gauntlet of first leaves and then branches bouncing off the top of the car. While the curry was cooking, I had to round up the furniture on the deck that had been doing a fair imitation of a scene from the Sorcerer's Apprentice. I finished off to flickering lighting, wondering how much I could get cooked before the power failed.

No power outage, yet, but the wind is still moaning outside and the sound sends chills through me, so here is a warming sight to share instead...


  1. Awe, I remember when I used to be in Guides. I actually have my Canada Cord for completing Pathfinders.

    One of my friends got knocked over by the wind today!

    MMM that looks good.

  2. "Curry"-what, exactly? Whatever that is, it looks very good. Too good for words, in fact! :)

  3. Boy, does that curry look good. I don't know how to cook with it myself(yet), but there is an awesome Indian restaurant that I think I'll be getting takeout from tonight...

  4. Hi Ian,
    Ah, a windy day. Now that curry looks mighty fine. Perhaps a bit of that curry may have made a windy day, even windier:-)
    I'm off tit chippie for some curry n' chips :-)
    Have a good week.

  5. Wow! Good going, Melissa. I think Megan will probably go on to Pathfinders. She's certainly enjoying the program up to now.

    David, that in the pan is chicken, with a heap of tomatoes in the middle mushing down to make the sauce.

    Jennifer, I'm jealous, we haven't been to an Indian restaurant since moving to Canada six years ago. Used to be a regular feature, but they are in short supply around here.

    Hmmm...I think a recipe post is called for...

    LOL Gary. When I posted this I thought of you. I was sure you'd see the potential twixt title and content for your unique brand of humour, and I was not disappointed. Thank you, sir!

  6. Hi Botanist,
    Curry must indeed be in the November air, since I too blew in and out of my house carting one said child to soccer practice while the hot curry(unfortunately not as in spicy)simmered on the stove top. The painting of the flying machine is cool btw. It's actually how I found your blog...I flew in from Gary's(author of the versatile, and always entertaining blog, Klahanie). Delighted that I took the time to sniff around your blog. Just moved myself...only to the state next door, but it might as well be in a different country. I will look forward to reading about more of your views from the bald patch!

  7. Hello The Snee and thank you for your kind words. You are most welcome to linger, loiter, and make yourself known. I can't promise to match Gary's depth of humour (yes, it plumbs the depths all right!) but I'm glad you found something of interest here.

  8. You're in BC, right? I was born and raised in Toronto and we had an abundance of Indian restaurants (along with everything else), but in Seattle (where I am now), Indian food is in short supply. I'm thankful for the one really great restaurant we do have, though. We eat there frequently because we don't want them to go out of business!

  9. Yes, Jennifer, I am in BC. Just across the water from you in fact - Victoria. I'm sure there are one or two Indian restaurants not too far away, but another factor is that when we go out it's usually as a family so a curry house wouldn't go down too well. On the rare occasions that Ali and I get to go out alone, we satisfy our spice craving at a lovely Thai restaurant, but one day we'll have to seek out authentic Indian cuisine again.

  10. I love windy days - until the power goes off. I love the creaking of the house, the shaking, that feeling of power! Your dinner looks yummy.


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