Saturday, November 20, 2010

The occasional downside of a long driveway

When we moved over here, everyone told us that Victoria only gets snow once every few years. We've had some of the white stuff every year since.

Fortunately not too much fell last night, so this only took me an hour to clear before I could get out grocery shopping this morning.

I am wondering what the rest of the winter has in store for us, though. Ali's parents are due to join us for Christmas. Last time they did so, we all spent a whole morning digging out the driveway on the first weekend, and then it dumped a load more on consecutive weekends for the next month. On the bright side, we all had our first ever white Christmas that year.


  1. Looks beautiful -- I'm jealous! We don't get our first snow around here, usually, until January. Although last year we got a pretty nasty blizzard in December, I remember. Ah, if only Mother Nature can schedule a repeat!

    When I lived in Vermont, first snow always fell in November. I miss those years.

  2. It is beautiful, David. I always love the view from our deck when it snows. Your references to "first snow" made me chuckle though, because it implies an expectation of more to come. Around here it falls and (usually) disappears again within a few days. It might be in November, it might be in January, sometimes even in April, or one or more of the above, but it is an isolated affair here rather than a winter-long feature.

  3. Snow's a given here in southern Alberta. I agree, everything looks beautiful under a blanket of white, but I'm also glad we have a bobcat to clear our quarter mile driveway;0)

  4. Cinette, I think snow's a given pretty much everywhere in Canada except for southern Vancouver Island :D

    And a quarter mile driveway? Just imagine clearing that by hand!

  5. Hi Ian,
    Of course, it's very unusual for Victoria to get much at all in the way of snowfall. Although, as you know, the last few winters, there, have been unusually cold and snowy.
    Beautiful photos and I do hope you manage to keep your driveway clear.
    Have a peaceful and cosy day.


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