Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lost and found - part deux

A few days ago I posted about the missing paperback. What I didn't mention then was all the other stuff going on as well. Do you get those overwhelming spells in life when everything seems to go wrong at once? Yeah, that sucks, but I often find those spells are compensated by things resolving themselves all at once, like sunlight breaking through storm clouds.



Our two old cats, the last two survivors of our move to Canada ten years ago, both went within weeks of each other and in much the same way. First Susie went blind and deaf overnight, then half paralyzed a couple of days later. Old age - they were both approaching nineteen years! Mere weeks after we laid Susie to rest, Willow, her litter-mate, went blind and deaf too. She pottered around the house for a couple more weeks, not in any distress and still with a good appetite, but when that went we knew it was time.

And found

Two more rescue cats to add to the family. At first we were planning to get kittens after the summer, but backtracked and went for adult rescues instead, and now, to get them used to their new surroundings while the rest of the family is off for the summer.

So meet Callie

And Cleo


Just as we brought these two into the house last week, our previous newbie, Lucy, got very ill. Off to the vet, held overnight - she was so pissed she had to be sedated before he could even examine her - and dosed with painkillers and antibiotics. Clearly not an injury (which we'd feared) but a nasty infection. Returned home but no improvement the next day, so back the vet where they found her temperature was dangerously high.

And found

It was touch and go for a couple of days, but she rallied and is making a good recovery. Back home and more-or-less her usual self.


A major section of indoor plumbing!

The basin in our master ensuite has always drained slowly, but now stopped draining altogether. Worse, the blockage must have shifted because draining the kitchen sink now backed up to the bathroom below (our house is upside down) - as we discovered the hard way - so sink and dishwasher both off limits.

We unleashed enough Draino to breach several international arms limitation treaties, to no avail.

And found

Ali phoned around and found a friend with a snake. A spell of DIY plumbing later and we are back in action.

Have you ever suddenly realized how much your everyday actions depend on these little things that you take so much for granted?


  1. Hey Botanist, it's a law of nature that when things go wrong, they go really wrong and it looks like it's your time! Sad about your cats, though.

    Happy Canada Day!!

  2. If you believe in reincarnation, then you didn't find two new cats . . which may be why they came with problems.

    Just saying.

  3. So sorry for your kitty babies. The new puddins look lovely though.
    Everything does happen at once doesn't it? So overwhelming at times. And yes, it usually is the little things that bring us to our knees.

  4. Sorry to hear about your cats. Glad new ones found you. :)

  5. Oh man! I know exactly what you mean with the ups and downs--especially the plumbing. After we got into our last house (one week in) the plumbing backed up, and no matter what we did, it kept backing up until we called a plumber...who flooded our bathroom. Several thousand dollars worth of repairs later... That was the bad part. The good part, the home owners insurance money came right as our van died. We'd have been dead in the water without that money, so there's often a purpose in the crazy or bad.

  6. Between the snake and the Drano, hopefully the line doesn't back up again.
    Sorry about your two cats. Always hard to lose furry family friends.

  7. Hi Ian,

    Sad to know of the loss of your English cats. Fond memories to found as they came along for your Canadian adventure. I'm heartened you got a couple of adult rescue cats. That's a good thing to do. Lucy is on the mend. That's excellent, Ian.

    I wonder if you miss British drains and toilets, for that matter.

    A belated Happy Canada Day, eh, to you and your loved ones.

    Gary :)

  8. Denise, we've been expecting those old ladies to go for a year or two now. Sad, but not unexpected. But I am so relieved Lucy pulled through - that would have been devastating.

    Donna, the two newcomers have not presented problems (yet!). The sick one was new to us as a kitten a year and a half ago.

    Delores, it's usually that last little thing that does it. This is on top of the car problems we had last month (and are still having).

    Jean, I hope we can give them a good home and a good life.

    Crystal, that sounds like a nightmare. Plumbing is something we take for granted but it's messy when it fouls up :(

    Alex, so far things are still flowing well.

    Gary, we've been taking adults since we had children. Lucy was our first kitten for years - fun for a while but honestly adults settle in so much better.

  9. I'm sorry about your cats. What you described sounds like my cat, Rosie. She's also old, around 18 years. She's blind and a lot skinnier, but she's still eating and in good spirits.

    Your Callie looks just like a stray cat that lives outside my apartment complex. And if you can believe it, I named her Callie! :D

    Callie and Cleo are beautiful cats.

  10. Chrys, that is such a coincidence. Yes, they are beautiful, and very good natured.

  11. Hi Ian .. cats and losing them - they live fairly long lives - or can do - as here .. yours at 19 - good going. Glad you found two new rescue ones ... and then Lucy recovered ...

    Plumbing - yugh! Been there done that ... fairly unpleasant - but at least resolved ...

    May Canada Week settle into Fourth of July week and easier times ... let's hope that's the end of it for a while .. cheers Hilary

  12. It has always been my experience that these things come in waves.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved older kitties
    Your new kitties are gorgeous. I hope they settle in soon.

  13. Hilary, I hope so too, looking forward to a quieter week!

    Mynx, the kitties are settling in fine - confined to the kids' suite for now until we can trust that they know where "home" is.

  14. Sorry to hear of the loss of your seniors but obviously living to 19 you provided them with a good life. Kudos to you for giving adult rescues a chance. When we last went to the shelter, although we brought home 2 kittens, we also brought home a 3 yr old who was tossed; all 3 have adjusted well and let all know that they OWN this house, lol. So glad to hear about Lucy's recovery.

  15. I've got lots wrong or lost right now. I thought 2014 would maybe better but it's been a rough go. I can't even get the writing thing going with any regularity. sigh... I'm glad your cats are settling in.


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