Sunday, July 13, 2014

Goats on the roof

No Weekend Writing Warriors this week, and although I managed a couple of posts I haven't been visiting or commenting in a while. Just got back from a few days' camping up at Coombs, famous for its goats on the roof.
We love pottering around the crowded market, stacked high with delicacies, and browsing the little shops lining the pedestrian avenue and plaza behind, though we are saddened to see some of our favorites disappearing to be replaced by homogenized cheap clothing boutiques - now at least four of them in different spots all selling identical crap. Oh well, progress anyone?

We stayed at Coombs Country Campground, thankful for a well-shaded pitch now that summer has kicked in with a vengeance.

Me and Matthew preparing supper...

And the man-made lake where we spent most of our time...

Special announcement

This Wednesday, I'll be joining other bloggers in hosting Crystal Collier's cover reveal for SOULLESS, book 2 in the Maiden of Time trilogy. Please drop by and say "Hi."

The first book, MOONLESS, will be on sale during the cover reveal week: $0.99 July 14, $1.99 July 15-17, $2.99 July 18 & 19.

The pre-order link for SOULLESS is now live. Check it out!



  1. Looks like you found yourself a lovely campsite. Nothing like nature to clear the mind.

  2. I see you camp in style. That's my version of camping.

  3. Hi Ian,

    Wow, I've been there. I had a great time camping there, way back when. Nice one, eh.

    And nice mention of the our friend who loves cheese.

    Hope you had a peaceful weekend.


  4. Delores, Coombs is a lovely place, and we like the campground for short stays. Not quite as much on-site activity as our main haunt at Saratoga beach but great for a few days getaway.

    Alex, you bet! I think it's called "glamping", and we weren't even fully set up here with it just being a short stay.

    Gary, I should have guessed you'd know Coombs. One of Vancouver Island's best kept secrets, eh.

  5. Glad you spent your weekend well, sir! Looks like a very interesting place, especially the goats on the roof. Love it! :) Do you come back from these outings feeling recharged and ready to go? I know I would.

  6. That looks like a lovely spot to spend time. And if there are goats on the roof, that's even better.

  7. looks like a great place for a getaway, Ian. Goats on the roof--what a cool thing to be noted for. :-) !

  8. That's a gorgeous lake. Also, I'm so confused by the goats on the roof... So very very confused.



  9. David, I come back from these outings wishing I could afford to retire! :)

    Lee, it is a lovely place to spend time. In fact it's one of those places you can just sit (in the shade) and watch the world go by.

    Teresa, the goats are way cool!

    Valerie, no need for confusion! The goats are there to eat the grass - what more is there to understand?

  10. Years ago, while heading to Long Beach, I passed that roof - still have the photos. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    Looks like you, and your family, are making the most of this glorious weather. Cheers!

  11. Jenny, that roof has been there for decades. We first stayed at Coombs on our first camping tour of BC back in '96 (before we moved here permanently) and it was a well-known landmark back then.

  12. That looks like an ideal camping spot, Botanist. I hate it too when stalls all sell the same cheap junk.

  13. What a lovely place for a summer camping holiday. Love getting away like that.
    I think the whole goats on the roof is fabulous

  14. Hi Ian .. goats on roofs .. love them - we saw goat towers in Portugal - and they were fun ...

    What an amazing set up you've got - no wonder you enjoy going off for a few days - looks an amazing campsite ...

    Cheers Hilary


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