Saturday, March 3, 2012

Special evenings

Saturday evenings are usually Mum & Dad nights, when the kids eat in front of a movie, and then we two have a special meal to ourselves.

But, with Ali and Matthew off at a Scout camp, it was Dad & daughter night instead.

I don't know what the Scouts are eating, but we settled down to steak & rice topped with mushrooms & cream, and a caesar salad. Megan doesn't like mushrooms, but she does like the cream they're cooked in.

And the evening's entertainment? Kung Fu Panda. Fun movie.


  1. Wow! Looks like you should run a cookery blog. And, although it's 6am here, I am beginning to look forward to dinner....
    Also, I doubt if the Scouts are eating steak; probably baked beans straight out of the tin!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. Yum! I'm jealous!

    Next time you're over at my blog, I've tagged you.

  3. Did you cook that? Very impressing indeed :). Your wife must be very proud of your cooking skills :).

  4. Bazza, I think the Scouts eat rather better than that :D It's morning now, and I suspect they've already breakfasted on pancakes and sausages or something similar.

    Sarah, it was indeed. Thanks.

    Jen, thanks for the heads-up. I haven't done my blog-visiting for the day yet but I'll be sure to check it out when I do.

    Unikorna, I certainly do cook. There's a few other snippets under the "Food" label, and some of my favourite recipes under "Recipes" :)

  5. Yummm! Looks very similar to "Salisbury steak," but of course a whole lot tastier! :)

    Father and daughter time is so special. You're a very lucky man, Ian.

  6. This sounds like a perfect Saturday night!

  7. Ahoy thar matey! Greetings from a fellow Brit (and a Welshman to boot!).

    I love the banner illustration - what vessel is it and who is the artist?



  8. I'm sure she'll remember her night and her meal! BTW--like this header picture for the blog. Did you draw that?

  9. David, I had to look up "Salisbury steak", and it actually does sound tasty.

    Lindsey, it was indeed a nice evening.

    I found out today that the Scouts cooked themselves quesadillas. On the whole, I think we had the better end of the deal :)

    Hello Mark, and greetings. The illustration is an unnamed battlecruiser, which I drew in pen & ink many years ago. Yachi da!

  10. Hello Heather! Your comment and mine crossed in the aether. Yes, that is one of my drawings.

  11. Hey Ian,
    I'm getting hungry just looking at the photo. And nothing like topping off a nice evening with "Kung Fu Panda".
    Have a pleasant week.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  12. Aw, daddy daughter date night! That meal looks delicious.
    And for the record, I LOVE fungus.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Gary. Hope things are well with you in dear old Blighty :)

    Emily, my wife almost hit me when I told her what she missed out on. She LOVES mushrooms too.

  14. Sounds like you and your daughter had a real feast, and though your meal topped what the Scouts had this time around, the Scouts here usually have some mighty good meals on their camping trips. More important than the meal, though, was the time spent together.

  15. That sounds like a real treat - spending time with your daughter! And...I loved Kung Fu Panda - a favourite with me and my daughter too!

    Now...little news flash, head over to PEARSON REPORT as there's something waiting for you! We'll touch base about it through email...but in the meantime go take a look!

    Cheers, Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Thanks Jenny! That was a lovely surprise to brighten up a weary day. I see your email address is in your profile so I'll drop you a note.

      Have you seen Kung Fu Panda II? I'm not normally big on sequels, but this one was a hoot and at least as good as the first.

    2. Hi Botanist - I'm glad you dropped by to see your winnings. This piece consists of 4 5x7 drawings and can easily be framed individually or as a set. I am having a set framed (all within the same frame) for my studio. I just love how these trees depict the stages of life with such beauty and grace...even the old one.

      I look forward to your email so I can send these prints to you. Kung Fu Panda II - I haven't see it yet...but will!

      Cheers, Jenny
      My email address is pearsonreport(at)gmail(dot)com.

  16. High five Mr. Botanist! Yay for your win!!! Congratulations! Dontcha just luv Jenny? She rocks.

    Greetings to you and your family from Wichita, Kansas!

    PS: Your steak and mushroom dinner looks scrumptious!

  17. Oh, daddy/daughter activities are the best. One year, our daughter decided to take her dad to the girls choice dance. How sweet is that?

  18. Greetings Lisa. Yes, Jenny is a great blogger friend to have.

    Donna, that is a sweet story indeed.


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