Saturday, July 31, 2010

Critters of a wilder persuasion

So, here we are, camping up-island between Courtenay and Campbell River. Photos to follow another time, if we ever get around to actually taking any.

But I wish I'd had the camera handy this morning. We'd popped in to Courtenay, and were heading back up the old highway when we saw a black bear in the distance, shambling across a field.

We see countless deer, the occasional raccoon, lots of bald eagles, but this is the first wild bear we've seen in the nearly six years we've been here, and the first the children have ever seen.

What an unexpected bonus to our vacation.


  1. Hopefully the bear keeps shambling away. We can't have you attacked by bears! We want to see that pirate ship finished. :)

  2. Luckily for us we spotted this particular bear about 20km away from the campground. But we know they could be anywhere nearby. They've even been seen from time to time in downtown Victoria or wandering through Brentwood Bay just a few km from our house. They are there, but it's not something that keeps us awake at night :-)


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