Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 3 of the build

From a distance things on the ground don't look much different from last week, but appearances are deceptive. The stern tower is now squared off and concreted in, I've doubled-up the longitudinal beams to support the waist deck, and the bulkheads either end of the waist deck have got all the cross beams and braces in place to take the weight of the masts. I'm being especially conservative there, because the fore mast needs to take the weight of children clambering up to the crow's next.

So here is a picture from a different angle, with some of the crew to give you an idea of scale.

And there's lots of work gone on that isn't yet in place. I've started work on the ribs that will hold the deck and sides, and the crow's nest itself is taking shape. A complicated structure that I'm pre-fabricating on the ground where I can get at it easily.

Expect some visible differences next week!


  1. It's taking shape. I thought of you this weekend and was wondering if you'd gotten more work done on this project. Well done!

  2. Yes it is. And I've been working every evening since, too, which is why I've had little time for anything else like responding to comments ;-)

    More on this at the weekend.

  3. Looking good! I hope your kids appreciate all the effort you're putting into this. :)


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