Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homo Imbecilicus

Common name: Yoof.

This shy and elusive creature made a rare appearance at our campground last night.

A nocturnal scavenger, a small herd of Homo Imbecilicus ranged through the campground rummaging through cool boxes in search of beer. They are easily startled, but if you watch quietly, you might catch a glimpse of one of them pissing in the road in front of your car.

A creature of limited intelligence, Homo Imbecilicus occasionally collects and discards other objects such as bicycles and fishing rods, presumably mistaking the tubular shapes for some sort of beverage container.

Their communications appear to be limited to utterings such as "whatever", and "I just tripped over a shoe". However they must have something in common with canines because none of the many dogs nearby appeared to be bothered by their activities.

The species does display some rudimentary form of culture. This particular herd collected cool boxes and arranged them in fetching pyramids as if building shrines to some primitive deity.

Another interesting entry for the wildlife log.


  1. I think some of my classmates must have snuck a few into the dorms as pets when I was at university. Because I sure did spy a whole lot of 'em combing the campus in search of these elusive "beverages" you speak of. Particularly in the nocturnal hours of Fridays and Saturdays . . .

  2. I believe a remarkable number of adults also keep them as house pets.

  3. Just arrived back home, no bear teeth-marks to speak of.

    More-or-less out of contact for the last few days because the campground wi-fi deteriorated from gnashing-teeth painful to throttle-myself-with-my-own-intestines painful. So now have some catching-up to to.

    This saga had a happy postscript. Wednesday evening a police car cruised past our pitch and stopped a couple of pitches up. The officers got out and spoke to the family there. Is this your child's bike? Yes it was. You could hear the squeals of delight half-way to Courtenay.

  4. Haha, quite silly and absolutely true. I have managed to spot a few of these, but mostly I just hear them while I am desperately trying to sleep in our campsite. They can be rather noisy and bothersome.


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