Friday, August 20, 2010


Wipdither vb. (intr.) To be in a state of indecision over which work in progress to pursue.

Yes, I'm wipdithering again. Since the last time I suffered this affliction, I joined Critique Circle and got feedback on the first chapter of Ghosts which confirmed what I already suspected: that it still needs substantial work to keep the average reader hooked.

I'm working at it slowly, but it is hard going compared to the comparative ease of actual writing so I started looking for a bit of light relief. I picked up Electrons' Breath again, and really enjoyed what (little) I'd written. I feel a lot more positive about it since setting it aside to marinate, although I'm not sure if I'm quite ready just yet to attack it again. All the same, I've posted that one up for critiquing to see what comes back. I had good feedback on it from the Specfiction group, and have made some revisions since, so it will be interesting to get some different perspectives.


  1. *rubs hands together* Ooooooo! I can't wait.

  2. Patience, Stella, patience. I know it's fresh meat to chew on, but put those claws away until the appointed hour :-)


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