Monday, December 26, 2016

Season's Greetings

I've been dithering about whether or not to post anything this weekend, but over lunch, Ali & I just reminisced yet again what a year it's been for celebrity deaths. It's hard not to notice the growing number of posts on social media cataloguing the loss of talent this year. It's something I noticed and posted about all the way back in February, and the trend has continued throughout the year.

This conversation finally prompted me to write a brief post, because I know some readers here are dealing with losses and hardships of their own.

I would like to hope everyone had a joyful and peaceful Christmas, but I know reality to be different.

So I would like to spare a thought for those whose Christmas has not been the time of joy it's supposed to be. I hope you at least have friends and family close by, and the strength to see you through the hard times. May you all find peace in your own time and place.


  1. Hi Ian - I always feel for people who lose their loved ones over a 'celebratory' period - death and loss are never easy ... we just need to be aware there will be others struggling at these times ... thanks for the thoughtful post ... all the best as 2017 comes towards us - Hilary

  2. It's odd how a celebrity death can tap into so people's emotions. We don't know them and yet they are missed -particularly when they are musicians and you realize their music is gone (although I would argue that the term celebrity would fit a smaller population than the term seems to denote- people like Kim Kardashian). I think the ones that are truly a loss are icons like Prince or David Bowie- they have far more to offer then just a face.


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