Thursday, December 15, 2016

Queen of Trumps

I thought the madness would die down once the election was over. How naive of me. The news these days seems to reach new heights of silliness daily with no end in sight, but on the basis that you gotta laugh or else you'll cry, here's something that made me smile this week...

There's a whole album of similar nightmare fodder on Instagram here.


  1. I've seen this picture. It's an improvement over his usual look.

  2. Hi Ian - it will not be easy being a normal down to earth person with all that's going on ... classic photo - fun! I won't look at the rest .. but am sure there's many around ... cheers Hilary

  3. Stephen, isn't it just? :D

    Hilary, there were loads more, beautifully done!

    Alex, someone has a twisted genius imagination.

  4. The hat suits him. Thanks for the link to more laughs. :)


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