Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ghosts of Innocence is on sale

I finally bit the bullet and clicked "Publish".

After 7 years and 2 months in gestation, Ghosts of Innocence is now available as an e-book in most standard formats here.

You can also find out more about the setting and backstory on my web site here.

Master assassin Shayla Carver has killed many times. That's what assassins do, nothing to lose sleep over, but this mission is different.

She's never killed a whole planet before.

In a time when Earth is little more than a legend, life is dangerous for wayward colonies. Everyone fears the Emperor’s power to order a Cleansing, the burning of all traces of civilization from the face of a planet. Shayla's own home world was Cleansed, and now, years later, she's ready to exact payment in kind.

But her meticulous planning didn't prepare her for living undercover amongst some of the two billion people she's about to slaughter. Ordinary people. Not the strutting Imperials readily dismissed as legitimate targets or collateral damage. Then there's the Emperor himself. An ordinary man with troubles and dreams of his own.

Did this man really order the slaughter of innocents?

Can she?

Now she's starting to lose sleep.

You can preview and buy the e-book here. I am also working on a paperback version which will be available soon.

Incidentally, this is also my 400th blog post. Blimey! What a lot of nonsense to inflict on the virtual world!


  1. Congrats on clicking publish! The cover looks great! I wish you many sales. :D

  2. Happy to see the finished cover. Nice job on the town and little houses down there--yay!!

    But, honestly, congrats on your first book! Has it been 7 years? It does seem like almost that long since I first read your early forays into this story. And now I shall finally get to read the finished product!

    Much success, Ian. You deserve it. :)

  3. Congratulations!!! Great cover. That's a big, bold step, but you're on your way.

  4. Jean, that's a kind wish. I just have to figure out how to make that happen :)

    David, it has been 7 years, though it went through a full round on Critters before we crossed paths on SpecFiction so it hasn't been quite that long for you.

    Stephanie, the important thing is taking that step!

  5. Hi Ian .. congratulations - that 's great news ..and good you're looking at publishing it as a book too .. I don't know what the spec is for my kindle .. but once I can ascertain that then I'll hit the buy button .. I am still not very technical!

    Cheers and I'm so pleased for you .. and then good luck with the marketing .. Hilary

  6. Awesome! Do you have it up on Amazon too? And what are you doing to promote? You should really get Alex J. Cavanaugh to announce this in his Ninja News, and I would totally love to have you over for a Writerly Wednesday to help promote, but I'm booked out to September 17th. Shoot me an email if you'd be interested: crystal (AT) crystal-collier (DOT) com.

  7. Thanks Hilary! As for marketing...ugh...the less said the better :)

    Crystal, Smashwords are still working on their dealings with Amazon and one of the bits of fine print at this stage is that they will only put it out there once you pass the $2,000 mark in sales on their site. All other avenues through Amazon seem to end up at KDP which requires exclusivity and I'm not prepared to go there. The paperback version will be on Amazon though, and I'd love to take part in a Writerly Wednesday. I'll drop you a note...

  8. Congratulations! And such a cool cover.

  9. WOW!! I'm late to the party! Dagnabbit! I just tweeted it, Ian. I couldn't find contact info, or I'd have sent an email. Would you like to do the Paying It Forward (Chip ETier's publisher's) meme? If you'd think you'd like to do it, send me an email at cypherbuss at yahoo dot com. I think you have an interesting writing story to tell. And the timing is perfect for your book release. And I'd be glad to host you on my blog-- guest blog, or an interview. :-) Congratulations! :-)

  10. Thanks Alex, glad you think so :)

    Teresa, thanks for the offer of help. I'll be in touch. Hmmm...will have to add some kind of contact info to this blog.

  11. I can't believe I completely missed this. Shame on me. Congratulations!

  12. No worries, Ellie, glad you spotted it in the end :)


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