Saturday, April 26, 2014

Getting close to publication

It's been a while since I talked about progress with the business side of writing.

I reckon I'm about a month behind where I'd planned to be back in January, but that is largely down to the slight diversion of starting a new job. That took a big bite out of my time in February and March, but I finally finished the cover art by the end of March and the pace has picked up dramatically this month.

BTW - the blog header currently shows a detail from the finished artwork.

I turned artwork and text over to the book designer, and the cover and interior layout are now in the finishing stages. It was exciting to see my raw text turned into something that looks like the pages of a book! Working through one more proof-read to pick up any last minute edits before the designer finalizes the page layout.

Registered with Library and Archives Canada and obtained ISBNs for print and electronic versions - thankfully this is a free service in Canada, unlike the pricey process south of the border - and submitted a request for Cataloguing in Publication.

If things go well, I hope to have this book released early in June.


  1. So exciting! You're well on your way, my friend. And, you know, it's nice to see hard work bearing fruit. Yay! :)

  2. It's so close exciting.

  3. That's great! It's coming along. Can't wait to hear how things progress! Cheers!!

  4. How exciting! I like the colors in the header. I'm sure it will make a stunning cover.

  5. Lovely detail from the cover art and smart to just give us a "teaser" of the cover :-)

  6. How exciting is that!?! Congrats!!!



  7. Thanks all. Yes it is getting exciting.

    Wordfoolery - glad you noticed my cunning plan :) Full cover will be posted in due course.

  8. Hi Ian - that's really good news - so pleased for you .. cheers Hilary


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