Saturday, November 10, 2012


Why is it that a holiday weekend invariably turns into anything but a holiday?

Not complaining, it's all good stuff, getting us into better shape for the winter, but it's hard work.

Apart from the usual Saturday stuff like grocery shopping for the week, and about six loads of laundry because we've been neglecting it for a while, we took advantage of the first real sunlight I've seen in nearly a month to winterize the trailer. Thankfully we've not had any hard frosts yet.

OK, the sun has made an occasional appearance in that time, but always when I've been at work.

Ali and the kids did a lot of sorting out stuff in the garage, including a load of things to take to the thrift shop, while I raked leaves and made good progress re-filling the compost heap. We have a large fenced-in bin that you could almost park a car in - maybe a Smart car, anyway. Every two or three years I shovel it all out to get at the yard or two of fine compost at the bottom, then all the rest gets shoveled back in again. It's a huge job, and I've been pecking away at it for the last three weekends, but I'm nearly there.

Then a few more small chores to drain the last of my flagging reserves of energy before heading to the shower.

Now, I think, my next actions will involve beer.

Cheers. How's your weekend going?


  1. Hi Ian - I used to know how that felt like .. so can feel for you - the beer sounds good, but not this early. Composting is such good value .. and at least you've winterised the trailer - good job done. Sounds an impressive weekend of chores ..

    Enjoy that beer and release from property type work for a short while .. Hilary

  2. Good go get some work done isn't it? Now it is Sunday and time for quiet reflection on the sacrifices of others.

  3. Winterizing...seems the bug has bit a few of us. I was out last week and cleaned out my flower beds, cut back some shrubs, did a final (I hope final) mowing of the front and back yards and then...had a beer, well, actually two (one while working and one for finishing what I started) - boy, did they go down good!

    Sounds like you, and the family, work as a team...that's wonderful to read!

    Have a relaxing Sunday. :)

  4. Working outside sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, that necessary chore is on the back burner waiting to be completed but not forgotten.

    Yesterday morning, after dropping off two kids from my son's sleepover , I had to complete a benchmark work out for Crossfit. Then, we had to accompany my son on a Boy Scout mission to collect food for the needy. After that, we attended his soccer game and ended the night with friends for dinner. Needless to say, there isn't enough time in the day to get things done.

    Today will be spent at soccer practice, then we will meet my other two sons (both coming in from college) for dinner.

    I hope to veg out tomorrow.

  5. Hilary, tiring, but satisfying. Early? Of course, while I was finishing Saturday you were just waking up to Sunday.

    Delores, time for reflection indeed. I still can't get used to how much more diligently people mark the occasion in Canada compared with the UK.

    Jenny, good for you! Our lawns dried out so much this summer they're only just recovering. I haven't got the mower out since July!

    Andrea, sounds like you have a busy weekend lined up too.

  6. We;ve had the first frosts and it's horrible, especially in the morning...I hate winter...Enjoy your sun while you can Ian :). Kisses.

  7. Sometimes it's just so nice to get outside to that stuff, to take stock, get some fresh air, and mentally prepare for what's coming. We had sunshine here today. It had been a while. Nice change. I got nothing done. (lol) Family gathering. Everything else can wait! How is that book coming??

  8. Unikorna, the sun didn't stay for long. Grey skies and rain again today.

    Teresa, book is progressing steadily, thanks. Glad you had sun for your family gathering.

  9. While you are winterising, we are getting ready for summer. The pool is being cleaned and water is being checked. BBQ is ready to go and spiders evicted from the outdoor setting. Hammock has already been tested and a switch made from the winter red wines to lighter summer drops.
    Funny how we are all busy on the weekends due to the change of seasons

  10. We had tons of snow this weekend, but it's already melting. We needed the moisture.

  11. Getting ready for winter always makes me sad, Mynx, but without winter there is no summer. We need the changing seasons to appreciate the contrasts. Never mind, I like wood fires and hearty stews so all is not lost. And red wine is always acceptable, no matter the season :)

    Donna, I heard some places have been hit with snow already. We needed moisture after our dry summer too, but I think we've had our fill over the last month!


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