Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: November 18

In the time I've been blogging, I've seen a number of esteemed blogger friends take part in Six Sentence Sunday. I've always thought it would be fun to give it a go, but always had "more important" things to do. Last week I discovered that it will finish in January, so I reckoned I better pull my finger out!

Six Sentence Sunday is a weekly blog hop where participants post six sentences of their writing.

Here are the opening sentences from my current WIP, Tiamat's Nest.

It was barely eight in the morning, and Professor Charles Ainsley Hawthorne was already having a bad day. He'd just watched six billion people live. People who should have died.

He closed his eyes, ground his knuckles into their sockets, and counted slowly. Calming his heartbeat, Charles poured a cup of tea. His usually cheerful demeanor would take longer to recover.

More snippets to follow in coming weeks...


  1. Well oh my goodness. I am hooked! I want to read more!

  2. Why is dying better than living? For goodness sake get that book on Kindle......I can't wait to read it.

  3. Very intriguing indeed! Like the voice of the piece.

  4. Interesting, makes me wonder if this is a super villain's story :-)

  5. Karen, that's the kind of reaction I want :)

    Delores, that is a good question. You'd have to read on to find out.

    Cara, thanks.

    Katie, I guess it is, in a way, but not quite the way you might think.

  6. Excellent six sentences...very intrigue too! I'll look forward to the instalments.

    And good on you for partaking in these wonderful blogging challenges. :)

    Here's to a rain filled week ahead - enjoy! (I'll be enjoying it too!)

  7. Oh my.. I LOVE "He'd just watched six billion people live. People who should have died." Brilliant beginning.

  8. Jenny, did you get the wind storms that hit our stretch of the coast last night? No damage done, thankfully. Now just back to rain, rain, rain ... :)

    Lynda, I hoped that line would catch people's attention :D

    1. We did get a good howling and more than enough rain but not like you folks on the island. Mind you, I think you're still a little more sheltered then those on the extreme west side.

      Looks like November is giving us her best! :)

  9. OOOH! I hadn't heard of 6 sentence Sunday until now, but it's great. I love your sentences! I'm already intrigued and like your writing a lot :)

  10. Well, that's a new take on it. Six billion who should have died... Wow. Intriguing six, Botanist.

  11. Thanks Leigh. If you want to check out SSS you'll have to hurry! Click on the graphic in the post.

    Siobhan, needless to say, it's not quite how it seems :)

  12. Wow, intriguing twist - that he's upset they all lived!


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