Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yes, it's warm under all that fur...

Yes, it's November.

Yes, I'm still wearing shorts.

I guess Tigger must think I need warming up...


  1. That is so cute...Tigger reminds me of my godcat (yes, I have a godcat) and she loves to wrap herself around me when I'm reading. I cat-sit her on occasion and love her different from Wee Dog!

    As to the shorts, I know two posties that never wear long pants...never; rain, sleet, hail, snow...always in shorts! Makes me laugh when I see them in their winter coats and shorts peeking out from under the hem of the coat. :)

  2. I love Tiggers little white socks. Cats just like to get right in the middle of things don't they? Does he help you with the Christmas wrapping as well?

  3. Or else Tigger likes be read to... how cute.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  4. Hi Ian,

    Purrhaps, Tigger wants you to read some of that book. Hardly recognised you with that 'fur' on your face and those spectacles :)


  5. Lynda, if you think he's big, you should see his brother, Tubbs!

    Jenny, yeah, posties are a breed unto themselves :)

    Delores, he does like to be "helpful"!

    Saloma, s'funny, he's started curling up on me recently while I've been reading. And Happy Thanksgiving to you folks down south.

    Gary, you just happened to see me in a "furry" phase. It will get trimmed back again soon.

  6. :))) what an adorable photo Ian :))). You are so cute, I dare say even cuter than Tigger :).

  7. Thanks Unikorna, you make me blush!

  8. Like Delores, I think I am in love with Tigger's white socks. He is such a beauty. And I'm jealous of those shorts of yours, as I look outside and see the lawn coated with snow.

  9. Ah, looks like your cat is as helpful as ours are. They're always more than happy to help me read the newspaper or a book, to scrub the floor, to wrap a present, you name it. (Isn't it great?) Tigger is a real cutie.


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