Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zzz...zzzz...zzzz (time for a rest)

Holy Moley...that was one heck of a month!

This final post feels a bit like cheating because I don't have a real "Z" post on my theme, but the last one felt like a fitting conclusion anyway, so I decided it was time for reflection.

Posting each day for a month (with Sundays off)...way more than I usually do. Throw in the alphabet and it gets harder. And I chose to stick to a theme, upping the ante.

In the end, the posts themselves were the least of it. I started preparing back in February. Ghosts of Innocence turned out to be a rich seam of inspiration, and I had little trouble finding topics for the alphabet. OK, a few letters were a bit weak, but others suffered an embarrassment of choice, and I had to turn down many other posts that I would have loved to have written. Maybe another day.

No. The biggest effort in the end was simply keeping up with all the activity going on during April.

On my own blog here, I like to acknowledge comments individually, usually by adding one comment containing a bundle of responses. A few times, especially in the early days, I resorted to a more blanket approach. I don't like doing that, but time was pressing and I wanted to get on with...

Keeping up with people I follow, especially those I started following during the Challenge. I gave you folks priority, at least visiting as much as possible, even if I didn't always leave comments.

That alone was a marathon effort some days, as I scrolled down my Blogger dashboard thinking How many posts to read???

And then there's all the other blogs in the Challenge. No, I didn't get to visit even a respectable fraction. Probably about 200 out of the 1700+ signed up.

All this. meant that blogging practically took over my life for the month of April. Writing, revising, and critiquing have been pretty much on hiatus so I'm looking forward to a return to normality.

Before I forget, I'd like to say a big "Hello" to new followers this month. It may take me a while to track you down, if I haven't already. You can help yourselves hugely here by leaving comments. The "Followers" gadget isn't always very good at showing links to your blogs. It seems to show some weird variation on people's profiles, and I've often been frustrated in the past when someone has followed but not left a comment, and I find I have no way to seek them out.

So, commenting saves a lot of hassle and gets you firmly on my radar.

Meanwhile, The Bald Patch is returning to a more normal pace of life.


  1. I did a theme as well and lived to regret it.
    I found your posts about Ghosts of Innocence fascinating. You have a rich imagination.
    It will be good to get back to a semblance of normal won't it?

  2. Ah, the well deserved rest. Congrats, Ian. You've earned it.

    Thank you, also, for your daily visit to my corner of the inter-webs. I proudly count you as one of my 5 readers!


  3. It's been pretty intense, escpecially the visting others part of it. Will be glad to get back to my bi-weekly schedule.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  4. Time for a well-earned respite from blogging and visiting others blogs...but it's been so much fun and I loved all the creative ways people came up with of doing the challenge.

  5. Congratulations for making it to the finish line. Whew! That was a lot more exercise than I'm used to getting. (All that blog-hopping, ya know.) Great job.

  6. Hi Botanist. Kudos for sticking it out! I am so glad that our virtual paths crossed. I will be visiting again...your blog is a wonderful source of inspiration and vision! You take care of yourself and your beautiful family!

  7. Delores: You did an admirable job with your theme. I salute you!

    J: You're welcome :) I enjoyed reading more about Mirian and her world.

    Mood: I that sounds like a widely-held sentiment.

    Johanna: Yes, people were extremely creative!

    Susan: Blog-hopping, button-pushes, armchair-curls...brings me out in a sweat just thinking about it :D

    Teresa: Thanks...I've enjoyed your posts, too. Keep in touch :)

  8. Congrats on surviving the A to Z Challenge! I bow to your glory. :)

    Now go rest!

  9. Thanks Sarah and Emily. It does feel a bit like surviving a test of endurance :)

  10. You've had a busy month for sure! I know how much the full month of blogging can take out of you so I wish you luck with your blogging recovery and the return to normalcy. :)

  11. Cruising around the aftershock of the A-Z challenge and stopping here to say hi :)

    1. Hi - and welcome to The Bald Patch. "Aftershock" - hee, it does feel like that doesn't it?

  12. Congrats! You did a lot of writing for the challange-- more than most and you made it all the way to the end. A marathon! Cheers!

    1. Danette, a marathon indeed. The writing was by far the easiest part, too.

  13. I've been here poking around your blog like an escaped domesticated rabbit in some new forrest, I even thought about friending you and not leaving a comment just to mess with you, but for some reason my computer is stuck on my wife's google account so that plan failed me. The point is your energy is mesmerizing and I like it here.

  14. I am sure it was a tough month but it was worth it. I am glad I found out astonishing things about Shayla and her unique adventures. It was a lovely way to introduce your readers to your captivating world, actually worlds :).

  15. Hi Ian,
    While moving on from my daZe, I thought I should congratulate you on sticking with the challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet. To their credit, the hosts of the challenge, took my good natured ribbing of it in the friendly spirit intended.
    Glad to see the awareness of your excellent blog has increased. Enough Zed :)
    Take care and now, being time zones and all, I shall go get me some ZZZZZZZZZZsss.......

  16. Hey Martin, glad you find things to like here. You're welcome to browse to your heart's content :)

    Unikorna, I found out some things I didn't know too! It's amazing what happens when you have to fill in some of the blanks on the canvas.

    Hi Gary, I feel much better acquainted with the alphabet now. I think your gentle digging from the sidelines was certainly taken in the right spirit.

  17. I am in awe of all you did the A-Z challenge. I am too faint of heart.

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog yesterday. I can't see a way to contact you directly, so this will have to do.

    Enjoy the week ahead.

  18. Hi Michael, sorry, I have not yet felt the need to make my email address available. I've seen all too well what happens when an address gets picked up by the unspeakable spam merchants who blight the world :(


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