Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Magentis

Magentis is the home planet of the Imperium. The one Shayla tries to annihilate in revenge for Eloon.

To the world outside, Magentis seems extraordinary.

It is the home of the Emperor, with majestic palaces and other landmarks familiar to every schoolchild throughout known space.

Magentis is the seat from which the eighty-three worlds directly under Imperial rule are closely governed, and to which hundreds of others owe allegiance by treaty. It houses the immense central bureaucracy which implements all that tiresome ruling.

The planet sits at the center of the most fiercely guarded volume of space known to humanity. No craft, other than Imperial warships, ever fly in and land directly on the planet. All cargo is opened off-planet. All visitors are processed through orbiting reception bases before landing. This is the ring of security that Shayla has to evade.

The public face of Magentis is imposing, intimidating, steeped in traditions of pomp and ceremony from eight thousand years of continuous rule.

But on the ground, Magentis is breathtakingly ordinary. That is the subject for another post.


  1. Another post? Hmmm...

    N is for normal?
    O is for Ordinary?
    P is for Plain?
    R is for Regular?

    Guess I'll have to wait and see. I'm starting to get worried about the letters I still haven't picked a topic for. Do you have all of yours selected yet?


  2. Great post. I have a character named Shylah in my next book. Oh, and thanks for picking Canada!

  3. I loved "breathtakingly ordinary." Now I wonder what that means. Guess I'll have to stay tuned in, right?

    As to your comment at the Write Game, you were so right on. There are waaaay more sentence possibilities that the paltry millions I listed.

  4. J: I must be way too predictable! N for normal would have followed on nicely, but I have another, more sinister, topic for N. You are thinking along the right lines though.

    Wendy: Canada is a great place to pick :)

    cleemckenzie: I thought so! I wouldn't like to guess how many possibilities there actually were, but I'm thinking you could easily double or triple the number of zeros. Permutations have a way of stacking up like that.

  5. Hey Ian,
    Sorry about my absence in regards to you doing this alphabet challenge. I have been spreading my um goodwill comments on several sites who are doing the challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet.
    One thing for sure, my friend, your posts are not breathtakingly ordinary. You have fun and keep studying up on ice hockey, eh....

  6. Thanks for the post. I love the world-building that other writers create. It makes for awesome stories.

  7. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge...lovely blog...good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  8. Gary: Thanks! And I know you have oodles of goodwill to spread so no cause to apologize!

    Jessica: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Donna: Thanks, and I hope the Challenge is going well for you, too.

  9. Hi, I am visiting again from the challenge. Another interesting read.

  10. Returning the visit from the challenge. You have quite an interesting blog here. Looking forward to exploring it a bit more!

  11. Thanks for dropping by, Melissa and EmptyNester.

  12. Sounds like an impressive place--in spite of looking "breathtakingly ordinary". Seems like a fascinating contradiction.

  13. Magentis sounds like an intriguing place.
    Just popping in for the A-Z Challenge.


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