Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eloon

Eloon was the young Shayla's home world. Home, incidentally, to a hundred million other people, but for the most part that didn't register on an eleven-year-old's mind.

The planet belonged to the Family Firenzi, and lies close to the border between Firenzi and Imperial Skamensis space.

Some of the old Eloon's good points: Far enough removed from either territory's capital, or any military or industrial center, to enjoy relative peace and freedom. The planet was quietly prosperous, but not enough to attract unwelcome jealousy. Successive planetary governments worked to keep it that way, keeping a low profile and building an oasis in a troubled galaxy.

The problem? Shayla's father, on the run from the wrath of his mother, the tyrant Empress Florence, and from his brother Ivan, chose to live in hiding there.

If he'd been content just to hide, he and Shayla would probably have lived peaceful lives. As it is, he continued working against the excesses of Florence's rule and built a substantial network on Eloon. When Ivan finally tracked him down to Eloon, his organization was so entrenched that no amount of covert action could root them out.

No problem.

Ivan, acting in the name of his young nephew (the newly-crowned Emperor, successor to the late Florence) had some large battleships to play with. And wholesale planetary destruction was a well-practiced maneuver.


  1. Lots of strange names and new places. Do you ever get confused or have you been working on this so long it's a non-issue?

  2. Sounds a lot like today's battle strategies...bomb the heck out of the area....if you're lucky you might hit one or two folks you were aiming for (and a whole lot you weren't).

  3. Aha! That explains the destruction then. I kinda wondered why the emperor blew them up.

    Now I know,


  4. Very cool. :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. The planet belonged to the Family Firenzi? I wouldn't mind possessing my own planet. I would be kind despot I think!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Very imaginative. This sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this world to make it so real.

  7. Kimberlee, lots of very strange names in this book. I suspect I won't touch on some of the stranger ones in this series of posts. They are like old friends to me, and I hope they are distinctive enough to stick in readers' minds. If I ever have any readers, of course :)

    Delores, I guess that's the point with these folks. Human rights isn't big on their agenda, so they don't care about the bystanders.

    J, glad to have cleared that up then :)

    Margo, thanks. I hope you have a great Easter weekend too.

    Bazza, the Firenzi actually own 47 worlds. Beat that :)

    Michael, quite a bit of thought, yes. Enough to guide the story, anyway. That's what these posts are all about - a chance to talk about many things that don't directly feature in the text.


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