Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Target one annihilated

Back in September, I set myself some writing targets for the rest of the year.

I'm pleased to say that my first target - 100% critiqued by the end of November - has been achieved. It is now the end of November, and the last chapter finished in the queue yesterday.

It was touch and go, though.

The sci-fi queue in Critique Circle is usually pretty quiet, and all year there has been virtually no waiting time. At any one time, I've usually had one chapter in review and one waiting in the queue. As soon as that review cycle finishes my waiting chapter goes into review, and I then queue up another one confident that it will make it into the following week's batch. That way, I can get a chapter a week critiqued.

Sometimes I'd have more chapters ready, and I might queue up two or three at a time to come out in consecutive weeks, but it gets increasingly expensive to post chapters the more you've already got lined up.

Anywhooo...I was steaming along readying my final few submissions, when all of a sudden I saw the queue going crazy. I'd never seen so many submissions waiting in the wings, and my final chapter now looked like it wasn't going to appear until December!

Well, right at the last minute, their batching algorithm must have decided to take the larger queue into account and my submission just sneaked into the period I'd been aiming for, so all was well.

So, now I seem to have no excuses for not cracking on with those dreaded revisions...



  1. Full steam ahead! Good luck, Ian.

    And I'm going to have to check out Critique Circle sometime. I know nothing about it.

  2. I've talked about CC a few times, David. I think it's a great forum. It certainly seems to meet my needs and I can use it in ways that work for me.

  3. Ugh, I know what you mean about revisions. But it can be fun - whenever I feel swamped, I just rewrite and it feels like I'm writing all over again O:)

  4. Lindsey, nothing like a bit of cheerleading from the sidelines to keep things moving, eh?

    Steph, that rewriting bit sounds like a good idea. I think I've heard that somewhere before, too. I know I've had fun with some whole new scenes, but not yet tried a complete swap.


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