Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The harder side of parenting

Consoling upset children.

One of our guinea pigs died last night. Ali checked on the animals as usual just before bedtime and made the discovery.

So, we had to break the news this morning.

We have no idea what happened. Megan gave them all a cuddle when the kids went to bed, so something happened in the intervening two hours or so. Who knows? We've had this one over three years, so the kids have got very attached to her. Her sister seems to be missing her too.


  1. So sad, Ian. My condolences to your kids. Losing a pet is very hard.

  2. Losing a pet is rough, especially when you've had it for several years. :(

  3. Thanks everyone. What makes it harder was that our two older guinea pigs are the first pets that the kids could really call their own. We made it clear from the start that those animals are their responsibility to look after. I think they're feeling that now.

  4. Oh always sucks when an animal dies. I remember when I was a kid and my kitten got run over by a car. Will never forget that. :(

  5. That's sad, Laila. This is one of the hidden costs of pet ownership. We wouldn't be without our animals, so we all need to know how to deal with it.


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