Monday, November 7, 2011

Practice makes perfect...eventually

We're still a long way from perfect, but this weekend we went through the process to winterize our trailer for the third time, and we are at least improving.

We've been waiting for a good opportunity, because we are now into November, and this...
...could be just around the corner, as the folks out on the east coast already know.

First time around, two years ago, it was all new to us. The owner's booklet had a pages-long checklist of things to do to systematically drain all the water out of the system and flush it through with antifreeze. We went slowly, double- and triple-checking each step to understand what was happening and confirm that it made sense.

We had to find the right tools, and we spent ages searching for all the drain plugs and valves. We got completely flummoxed when it came to draw up the antifreeze. Nothing was working right, and we almost resorted to dismantling the water pump in an effort to work out what the instructions were talking about. After hours of frustration, we discovered a valve hidden away under the sink and out of sight unless you stuck your head right into the cupboard. Bingo.

That first time took all day, and a terrible toll on our nerves.

Last year, we started off with more confidence, then couldn't remember where we'd put the tube that we'd bought the year before to attach to the draw-up pipe under the trailer. We searched the trailer, searched the garage, searched the house. Finally, slumped in my office taking a break, I spotted it up on a shelf hiding in plain view.

That took all day too.

This year, we remembered where all the valves were, and where we'd left the tools and other bits. It took just two hours start to finish, including getting the cover on. Most of the time was spent waiting for various pipes to drain fully.

Note for next year...plan on doing it in stages - a few minutes work then go off for half an hour to do something else.


  1. wow it looks like a only lacks the presence of an Ice Fairy :).

  2. Glad it went better this year! Our problem with winterizing stuff is always the "where did we put that last year?". Even when we think we put it in an utterly obvious place for next time, it either gets moved or we forget where that 'obvious' place was.

  3. Ah, I remember that pic from last season, Ian! It warms my heart! Or, actually, it chills my heart, the sight of all that snow. Okay, maybe it chills my heart, but in a warm way. Does that make sense? :)

    Glad the process wasn't quite so, er, "draining" as in past years.

  4. Unikorna, I guess I could see if Ali is up for the position :)

    Jean, that's the problem exactly. What was "obvious" a year ago isn't so obvious a year later.

    David, I know how you enjoy the snow so it makes perfect sense to me.

  5. Phew, this sounds arduous! So glad you managed it, though.

    I'm passing on a blog award to you, so please stop by to pick it up.

    All best,

  6. Hey, Saloma! I'll stop by shortly and see what it's about. Thanks.

  7. This is our second year winterizing out camper. The first time was aweful. I'm pretty sure it took us all day. Luckily, my husband has it down pat now. :)

  8. Laila, I think we'd have had it pretty much licked second time around too, if we hadn't misplaced that darned pick-up tube :)

  9. I can sympathize with this post. We had the same issues every year with winterizing our pool. It was definitely not my idea of a good time. And somehow, it always seemed to be the windiest day while we were trying to cover the pool with the tarp....good times!! Love the picture, very pretty!

  10. Wow, Heather, I never thought about problems with pools. My parents had a pool but it rarely got cold enough to be a problem. All they did each year was empty it, nothing complicated at all.

    Come the spring, though, and all the repairs, scraping and repainting...that was another matter altogether :D


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