Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The lovely Laila Knight at Untroubled Kingdom has passed me the Liebster Blog award. The idea of this award is to spread bloggerly love to some deserving bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.

I have to thank and link back to the sender - done - and nominate a few people to tag in return.

So, in no particular order, I hereby Liebsterise the following:

Steph at Across the Border
Elizabeth at Devious Diversions
Unikorna at Why I Wake up Every Day
Saloma at About Amish
Mysti at Unwritten


  1. Hey Ian,
    Well done for receiving the Lobster Award. An award you get get your claws into. Sorry,, well done for receiving the Liebster Blog award.
    Nice idea to have it forwarded to those with under 200 'followers'. There are a lot of excellent bloggers out there, such as your good self, who deserve more recognition. Congrats to those you bestowed it upon. I shall duly check out your links.
    All the best,

  2. Hey, congrats Botanist. And you are very welcome. Hope others have enjoyed visiting your blog as much as I have. Have a great day! :)

  3. Thanks Carrie and Laila.

    Gary, I like the "under 200 followers" idea too. Unlucky that you are already past that mark because your blog came to mind as well, but, hey, rules is rules :)

  4. Yay! Congrats. I wish this award would have come around about three months ago. *sigh* You deserve it.

  5. Awww Crystal, you came to mind too, but I saw you were already way past the 200 mark. Ne'er mind, I'm sure the Campaign will bring you lots of new contacts. Just keep writing :)

  6. Wow,thanks! I'll have to think who to pass this to who doesn't already have it :D

  7. Congratulations first, I see you are very accustomed with blog awards :). And secondly allow me to blow you about one million kisses for considering me for this award. You've made my day :)>

  8. Oh, wow! Thank you!

    *feels appreciated*

  9. Steph, Unikorna, and Elizabeth, you are all most welcome. Just glad to be able to spread a little online joy now & again.

  10. I found your blog through the Liebster Award. I was nominated by Unikorna of Why I Wake Up Everyday for the award. I enjoyed my day at the fair with you. I haven't been to one in a while. It brought back memories of my daughters show career with cattle. Wonderful trip!

  11. Ian, thank you so much for passing on this award to me. I am very flattered, of course. I've passed it on to five others.

    And that bucket, of blackberries -- thanks for sharing -- at least virtually. My mouth watered from looking at them.

    Thanks again, Ian, and you do a great job here on your blog. You deserve all the awards you've gotten!


  12. Thanks so much Ian! I'm quite honored and sad that I haven't been over here at the Bald Patch for a while. My blog roll has been neglected as of late.

    Dang, I want some blackberries now! :)


  13. Gayle, I wonder if Megan is going the same way. She returned to the Fair the following day and helped the owners show their goats.

    Thanks for your kind words, Saloma and Mysti. You are both highly worthy recipients IMHO.


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