Saturday, August 20, 2011

The changing face of vacation pastimes

This is the third year running we've spent our main summer vacation at Pacific Playgrounds, on Vancouver Island's east coast.

Some things have stayed the same:

Since our first visit here, we've asked for - and got - the same pitch. We know this pitch, we know how the car and trailer fit into it, it suits us.

The river, beach, and pool are still here, as is the convivial family atmosphere that draws us back each year. Everything is now homely and familiar.

The patchy wi-fi hasn't changed either, which means there's a 50-50 chance of this post managing to appear before we leave.

But the main focus of our leisure pursuits has changed each year.

First year, we swam in the river and spent hours swinging in off the rope swing someone tied high up on an overhanging tree. We also visited the beach many times and made sandcastles, boats, trains, spaceships - one marathon construction each day to be washed away on the tide leaving a blank canvas for the next day.

Last year, the river ran higher and made useable rapids running into the deep pool under the rope swing. So a drive into Courtenay secured some decent river tubes and we all spent long afternoons tubing.

This year, beach and tubing are still on the agenda, but now the kids have got the fishing bug. So, another drive into Courtenay and they now have rods, lines, and tackle.

Wonder how their tastes will have changed by next year?


  1. Hi Ian,
    You bring back some fond memories of my times camping on Vancouver Island. I recall having the most wonderful time at Ucluelet and strolling along Long Beach on the west coast.
    Hope you had a most pleasant weekend.

  2. Hi Gary. Yes, we're back now. We did indeed have a great time camping. We haven't yet made it out to Long Beach. The farthest we've been in that direction is Port Alberni. One day...

  3. I hope you're catching big fish :)...who knows maybe even a mermaid :).

  4. Unikorna, they hooked a few (I'm not into fishing myself), and my daughter "caught" a bridge!


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