Saturday, August 6, 2011

BTW - we did survive!

Two weeks ago I posted about Ali and Megan disappearing off to the mainland for a whole week. I never checked back in, but suffice to say we all survived the experience.

On the home front, the week was driven by the clock. Matthew was booked into a day camp, so timing was tight getting to and from work between drop-off and collection. Then an evening Bible camp, that he's enjoyed in previous years and wanted to do again, happened to be the same week. That left just enough time in between camps to prepare and eat a meal.

So, it was all go, go, go for about 11 hours each day.

Then I had a clear 2 hours to myself and everything slowed down. It's amazing what you can get done in a couple of hours of unstructured time. A bit of gardening (we're trying to revive a flower bed we made a few years ago that hasn't managed to establish itself), a bit of critiqing, some reading, enjoying the evening sun on the deck.

Meanwhile, Ali and Megan had an absolute blast over at Agassiz. The official website and photos are here. Many of the patrols chose themes related to their sub-camps. Ali's patrol based theirs on their colour and chose "Perry the Platypus" as their theme. Apparently they became famous around the whole camp in their "Perry" t-shirts, and their camp was easily identifiable with the banners we made.

So, yes, we did survive.

P.S. They got so into the theme that they followed up yesterday with a movie & pizza night for the girls at our house, to watch the Phineas and Ferb movie.

We survived that, too!


  1. What a fun time. Glad everyone survived. My kids are all grown now, so we're pretty quiet here. Enjoy.

  2. LOL! I saw the shirts first and thought "PERRY!". Then I saw the banner and got the instant gratification of being right.

    My kids watched the movie as well, although I missed it. Looks like everyone had fun though!


  3. Donna, I guess I should enjoy the mayhem while it lasts then, eh?

    Andrew, it's a fun movie. I hope your kids enjoyed it as much as we all did.

  4. Glad you survived that family craziness. It's always a challenge to interrupt your routine to make a new one even for fun stuff.

  5. Danette, it was a tiring week for all of us, but in a good way.


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