Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And then again...

I got up early this morning so I could cycle to work.

It was difficult. I struggled to wake up, and it was cold. But I did it.

I got dressed, ate a hasty breakfast, collecting my things and said goodbye to everyone. With a one hour cycle ahead, it's quite a rush to get out of the house in time so I can still be showered, dressed, and at my desk by 8:30.

But now I was awake, more or less, I was looking forward to it. It was a beautiful morning.

Except I found I had a flat tyre. Not soft. Completely pancaked, which means a puncture.

Scrap all thoughts of cycling. I had time to get the wheel off and inspect the damage, but no time to repair and still get to work in time. It was a puncture that I'd patched last summer. One side of the patch had come adrift, but the other side was firmly welded to the inner tube. Not much chance of repair. I needed to visit the cycle shop on the way home from work.

So I did.

Uh-oh, the windows were dark and empty. This looked ominous.

Signs on the windows - we've moved. New address is ... five kilometres back in the direction I just came from.

So I went there. Still not quite 5 o'clock, I should be in time.

Uh-oh. There's the new store, but it still looks dark. What's going on?

Sign on the door. Closing at 4:30. Just today, mind you, they normally close at 5:30.

Fate is conspiring to keep me off my bike!

I got home and told Ali.

And we laughed!

'Cos it's still a beautiful day outside. And I've just finished the windows on the pirate ship and they look great. So there.


  1. That should be your personally motto: When life's got you down -- at least you have a pirate ship! :)

    Ah, I remember the days of old when I would get out the patches and rubber cement and try to stretch those worn bike tires for as long as a poor broke kid from the slums could manage. Hope you have a better go at it tomorrow.

  2. Lol - you had quite some adventure today - yes, I get that too sometimes - getting all pissy that stuff doesn't work my way. Then I go home, have something sweet and laugh it off :P

  3. Well hey, at least you got to the windows on the ship. There's another thing you can cross off your list. :)

  4. LOL! That's right, David. Not many people can say they built a pirate ship!

    Yes, Steph, it was quite a sage, but all you can do about that kind of thing is laugh about it.

    Thanks for reminding me, Jean. I must update the Pirates Ahoy page and post some photos too.

  5. I haven't been on my bike for so long I think it's hiding from me.

    Yay for pirate ship!

    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  6. Hi Charmaine, pirate ship looks good. And I finally got my bike operational today. Cold this morning, but it was a beautiful day for a cycle.


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