Sunday, October 3, 2010

My, how you've grown

The pirate ship has much more of a ship-like feel to it now that the masts are full height and partially rigged.

I had one heck of a job capturing the end result on camera, though. I settled for a close-up from each end to try to show both the height of the masts and some of the detail.

Even so, it's not too easy to see properly in these photos. As usual, if you click on an image you can see it full size which might help. You can see the new steps in both of these shots too.

I spent most of yesterday clambering up and down ladders, and I can feel the effects today so I think it's time for a day off.


  1. VERY cool! Thanks for sharing. Now go relax!

  2. Awesome! I bet you have little sailors climbing up those ropes like mad.

  3. An extremely impressive job. You have quite the talent. I could imagine it being quite tricky to take a photo if you happened to slip on the 'poop deck'
    :-) Hope you managed to get some rest.

  4. Lettucehead & Gary, the "day off" was only a day off from the pirate ship. In the end it didn't translate to much in the way of rest...too much else clamouring for attention. Oh well.

    Jean, that's what worries me ;-) The ropes aren't meant for climbing, they're a bit thin to grip properly but my little sailors have had safety lectures just in case. There'll be a proper rope ladder to get up the crows nest when I get around to making it.

  5. Oh yes, that looks very, very nice! I always meant to ask if you were planning on raising the masts, Ian. Now I know.

    And I hear you on trying to capture photos that cover the entire subject in one shot. In fact, there's an app for that! (Sorry, had to go there).

    No, but seriously, there is. I just blogged about an application on my iPhone that allows me to take multiple pics of a much larger subject than what can normally fit in my viewfinder, then stitch them all together to form a single seamless and wide-angle panoramic photo. It's great!

    I know the software's existed for years already with standard photography, but it's particularly nice to now have the ability on one's mobile.

  6. LOL David, I might have guessed there would be, and that you'd be the guy to know about it ;-)

    I might be able to get a decent shot once the leaves on the chestnut have dropped, but right now that tree is obscuring any attempt at an all-in view of anything much above head height. Plus there's the added hazard of being pelted by chestnut husks from the army of squirrels stocking up for winter.

    Now off to check out your photography...

  7. Absolutely amazing. Jealous, jealous.

  8. Thanks Elena. I can live with "jealous" as a reaction :D

    Now I am setting my sights on "seasick-green jealous" when I finally unveil the finished product! Some time in 2011 maybe...


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