Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy anniversary!

Today is our sixth anniversary in Canada. Hurray! And (random uninteresting factoid coming up) October 24 six years ago when we landed in Vancouver was also a Sunday.

In the end, we didn't do anything special to celebrate. It was just a normal Sunday. Ali and Matthew spent most of the morning sorting bottles at a Cubs fundraiser for a camp next year. I tried (and failed) to find a replacement part for a wonky kitchen drawer, and cut a load more pieces for the pirate ship. Then, in between showers and the hands-on stages of bread-making, we all took a wander around Butchart Gardens and renewed our annual memberships.

Today also marks the completion of the first year of this blog.

When I looked back at my first post, I tried to remember what was going through my mind when I embarked on this first foray into an online presence.

I think a part of the initial impetus came from the inescapable exhortations for writers to establish themselves online well ahead of any prospect of publication. Build a platform, we keep getting advised. I guess a part of that was in my mind, and the timing (no prospect of publication on the horizon, captain) was in the right ball park. But that motive certainly wasn't foremost then, and it isn't now.

My main aim back then was to provide a means for family and friends in distant parts of the globe to keep up with our adventures in Canada. We have friends back in Guernsey who still dream of emigrating themselves, and this might give some window into the pleasures and pitfalls of such a move.

A year ago, I thought that the only people who'd ever see this blog would be people who already knew me.

A year later, and the people I started writing for rarely, if ever, visit. But instead my online life has been enriched by a small group of regular visitors.

And you are all most welcome.


  1. Aww, it's our pleasure to share in your stories, Ian! And as someone in the same writerly boat as you, I know exactly what you mean about needing to establish a "platform" beforehand. It was my own initial reason for being more "available" on the Net with the blog and joining various social media outlets and such. Although, now my reasons for keeping up with it all have evolved.

    Oh, and . . . Happy Anniversary of your arrival to the New World! :)

  2. Greetings Ian,
    Well, this is quite the milestone. Six years in Canada, and one year, to the day, since the start of your blog. Hearty congratulations.
    As you know, I am fascinated with your family's ongoing life in British Columbia. It is intriguing, how we both made bold decisions, the opposite way.
    It is my pleasure to come and visit your site. You, good sir, have enriched my life.
    All the best and may your life in British Columbia, be a peaceful and positive time.
    With respect and congratulations, Gary.

  3. Isn't it great though to be connected with writers and the writing community. I'm so thankful for the blogoshpere and all of the social networks that keep the literary cog turning for us writers. I think it's a great time to be a writer. Congrats on your Canadian milestone!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm glad there's a few folks out there happy to share in a fairly ordinary life.

    Yeah, David, sounds like you heard a lot of the same stuff I did. But since then I've also heard that an online presence doesn't really count for much unless you are attracting hundreds of unique visitors a day.

    My reasons for keeping going have evolved too. I think T.Anne nailed it in talking about the community. That is now what keeps me posting and lurking and commenting elsewhere.

    Trouble is, that now threatens to consume more spare time than I possess!

  5. Heyyyyy Happy Bloggy Anniversaryyyyyy! (I'm using lots of extra letters for emphasis by the way) It's a great blog-a great read congratulations! :)

  6. Happy blogversary! Along that note, I hope you found it already, because I cleverly sent you a "ping", but I gave you a blogging award yesterday. Alas, I guess the image didn't display in all browsers. I think I have that rectified.



  7. Hellooooooo Sammmmmm! :D
    Thanks for your kind words. I do envy the inventiveness and general zaniness of your blog, in fact there are loads of things about other peoples' blogs that I admire and it's soooo tempting to think "that's great, why don't I do that?" But I think I'd best just stick to what I know.

    And thank you too so much Jan. I did see the post last night but it was late, my old eyes were tired, and your clever image didn't show up for me. It does now, and it all makes so much more sense.

  8. Thanks for sharing today, Ian! And it's never too old to start writing! :)

  9. Hi Stella! Some day when you come up for air you must tell us how your studies are going. Hope it is working out how you expected.

    You're welcome, Laura. And congratulations on the 150 followers!


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