Saturday, January 11, 2020

Was it windy last night?

I don’t know what gave me that idea!

Ever since moving to Victoria fifteen years ago, Ali and I have often commented on how still the air is here. We were used to constant air movement. Prevailing winds sweeping off the Atlantic, sometimes so strong it was a struggle to stay on your feet. Checking the wind direction before deciding which beach to go to. The ferries thought nothing of crossing the Channel in a Force 8 and heaving seas.

Here, the trees are still most days. We could play badminton with the kids on the front lawn - something we could never do in Guernsey on even the calmest of days.

So it’s a bit unusual to find wind warnings now for several days running, ferries disrupted, and furniture tossed around like paper.


  1. That's windy all right. That from the storms heading through the north yesterday?
    It seems there is always a breeze here.

  2. Alex, the storms have been blowing through the Pacific NW for days now, and are still going on. I think we've had wind warnings posted every day for the past week.

  3. Hi Ian - certainly I was aware when the wind blew ... it was rare - which surprised me ... I quite like being back here for the change in weather! Cheers and here's to finding those chairs! Happy 2020 - Hilary

  4. Hilary, the chairs are back where they should be, but now covered in snow!

  5. Yowza. Yeah, I'd say you had a bit of wind. Now that you've gotten used to the calm, it must've felt strange to experience that much wind again. I wonder if it was a blast of welcome nostalgia for you... or not.

  6. Hardly nostalgia, Susan. We've got used to being able to leave things out and find them where we left them :)


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