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Weekend Writing Warriors January 20

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Continuing a chapter from Ghosts of Innocence, Shayla has stolen the identity of a new high-ranking Imperial appointee, Brynwyn bin Covin. She’s been met by a soldier (Kurt) from the Imperial Palace Guard, who’s escorting her to the Palace. They have just stepped outside while Shayla’s baggage is loaded into the car. Kurt has spotted a row of punishment stalls across the square.


Kurt grinned and strode across the plaza, rummaging in his pockets.

Shayla followed at a more sedate pace, swallowing back acid. She knew what would be expected of her.

The sparse crowd, mostly pilgrims on their way to the temple, parted before her.

When she caught up with him, Kurt was moving down the line slipping a small coin into each slot in turn. Moans and screams followed him.

He stopped near the end, turning out his pockets with a frown.

"Run out of small change?" Shayla asked.

He nodded, the corners of his mouth downturned.

She tossed him a few coins.


Quick update on The Long Dark

Writing has been going very well recently, and after last night’s session I started to get that giddy excitement of feeling like I’m on the home stretch.

To put it into perspective, I’ve been plugging away at this since the end of July, and I think I’ve got a few weeks to go - maybe end of February? But I’m fleshing out scenes of the final confrontations and, although there are details still to figure out, I’ve got the main plot turns mapped out to bring me to the finish line.

The situation is not much different from any other night in the last week or two, but emotionally, for the first time last night, I felt like I’d crested the hill and can actually see the finish line approaching.


  1. Keep racing towards that finish line.
    That scene is just a bit twisted.

  2. Alex, twisted for sure, and there's more to come...

  3. That's a definite test of her ability to fulfill this mission. I don't think I could get through that.

  4. I love that feeling of being in the home stretch, even though it's tempered by the knowledge that 'home stretch' really just means the beginning of the chore of rewriting -- which I sometimes love, more often hate.

  5. Ugh, poor Shayla. Still it shows she has the guts to complete her plan.

  6. This scene tells us a great deal about Shayla, so it's a well done moment for sure.

  7. Jessica, she will be tested even more in a minute!

    Ed, yes, the first stretch is really only base camp, with the rest of the mountain still to climb!

    Misa, yeah, I'm rather mean to poor Shayla :)

    Veronica, I hope the rest of the scene shows even more of her character.

  8. Good job getting to that happy stage where the finish line is in sight. Me, I'm currently mired in a marsh with my tale!
    Shayla seems a tough and clever heroine. I wouldn't want to be in her position!
    Thank you for visiting at Naughty Netherworld Press.

  9. I love that feeling when you can see the finish line. Congrats. This scene tells a lot about Kurt. I remember this scene and how she feels. Can't wait to read it again.

  10. Cara, I hope you find your way out of the mire! I know how that feels, and it's not good.

    Diane, this scene puts Shayla to the test, but it's also one of my favorites.

  11. Punishment have a wonderful imagination. :-)

    This is tough on Shayla.

    Yay on seeing the home stretch at the end of "The Deep Dark"!

  12. Even though it is difficult, she is sticking to the plan.

  13. Teresa, we'll see them a bit more closely soon enough :)

    Karen, she is highly motivated to see things through.

  14. Oh this is wonderfully ghoulish punishment. How strong she is to continue playing the part in such a situation.

  15. I'm not sure I like this Kurt. She's a woman with a strong will to play her part in this charade.

  16. Nancy, Elaine, she is a very strong character. One of my favorites to write!

  17. A feast here. Well written and so interesting

  18. Charmaine, kind of you to think so :)

  19. Hi Ian - great you're beginning to feel an end is near ... I'm catching up ... Shayla is an intriguing character - cheers Hilary


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