Friday, January 11, 2019

The little surprises in life

My son is usually predictable when it comes to food.

At least these days he’s broadened his horizons, but up until last year any time we asked what he’d like on the menu for the coming week he was guaranteed to say ‘pizza’. OK, pizza is still by far his favorite, but nowadays he’s more likely to put forward other suggestions such as omelets or quesadillas. But he’s still pretty predictable.

Anyhooo ... this evening Ali is out coaching basketball until late, so the evening meal is just us two boys. So I put a choice to Matthew, would you prefer:
(a) Spag bol - which is what we had planned for this evening,
or (b) leftover cottage pie - which we had last night,
or (c) a fry-up ... bacon, egg, hash browns, beans ...

I was certain he’d leap at that last option, and to be honest I was looking forward to a quick fry-up, just for two.

But he floored me by immediately saying “not that last one ...” and then pondering the other options.

Now, I know he likes pasta, but I didn’t imagine cottage pie was even a contender. The astonishing thing is he has never been known to refuse bacon, which (in this household) merits a food group unto itself!

So, pasta it is :)


  1. Pasta is always good. Maybe he's finally discovered other food groups besides bacon.

  2. Maybe his palate is growing up? Our older son now eats things WE don't eat... :)

  3. Alex, he has indeed discovered other foods, I'm just astounded that pasta came out ahead of bacon :)

    Susan, we're not quite at that stage, as long as we discount the things he used to put in his mouth as a baby!

  4. Hi Ian - interesting how they change ... I hope his taste buds develop ... but he's the two of you to guide him forward. There'd be no left overs with me around! Cheers - Hilary


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