Sunday, April 9, 2017

March appendix

There is one aspect of our March traumas that I didn’t talk about last time. I decided to save that for a separate post and hopefully be able to report “mission accomplished.”

When Megan complained of abdominal pains, one of the reasons we assumed an innocuous cause at first was that she had been working very hard over the previous days.

She had taken it on herself to organize a surprise birthday party for one of her friends. We’d discussed the practicalities, and had reservations about the prospect of a dozen or more teens bouncing around the living room upstairs, so we settled on clearing out the garage for the party.

First off, there was a heap of stuff accumulated all over the floor - after all, who keeps their car in the garage? That took a day of sorting out with all of us pitching in to help.

Then she went to town cleaning up the rest. For the next several evenings we sat upstairs trying not to cringe at the sound of hammering from downstairs. Megan blacked out the windows, covered up the shelving, moved our summertime patio furniture in from its winter resting place in our bedroom, and put up strings of lights.

There was a major shopping expedition for food and drinks. We borrowed an air hockey table, which was a heavy duty mission in itself to lift in and out of the truck.

All in all, she put in a shedload of hard work over the course of four days. Monday she was planning to bake a cake ready for the party on Tuesday.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at the hospital instead.

The party, of course, had to be postponed. But I’m happy to report it finally took place today and was greatly enjoyed by all involved.


  1. Hi Ian - so glad Megan could enjoy her party and all went well ... looks like a great party room and at least wasn't in the house ... I'm glad she's better now - cheers to one and all - Hilary

  2. So glad she was able to finally have that party.

  3. My goodness! Hope all is well with her now. She did a great job on the garage. It looks awesome!
    Discarded Darlings - Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction

  4. Hilary, we are very glad it was out of the house to!

    Stephen, yes, and it was a great success.

    Jean, the garage was awesome!


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