Friday, April 21, 2017

A few foodie favorites

With everyone in the family in full time work or education, time in the evenings and weekends is at a premium and a little planning goes a long way.

We always plan a weekly menu, and get all the necessary groceries in one go for the week ahead. Sometimes the hardest part is simply coming up with a menu plan and trying to keep it interesting. We love a variety of foods and flavors and are ready to try new things from time to time, but under pressure of time it's only natural that most of our meals are tried and trusted family favorites.

Even so, we try to mix it up and we often find ourselves wracking our brains, thinking "We need a rice dish here" or "Haven't had fish for a while", and trying to recall dishes to tempt the tastebuds.

Just as an experiment, I've started another blog called Rumble in the tumble where I'm keeping a daily record of recipes as we go. My thinking was to keep a note of meals, using the labels to index by main ingredients to help jog tired memories. We'll see how that goes, but meanwhile if anything over there encourages you to try something new it will have been worthwhile.

Just a word of warning - don't expect full-blown recipes with measurements and precise instructions, or anything fancy like that. I mostly just dive in saying "fry this" and "boil that". Quantities are up for grabs, and depend how many you're cooking for. This is seat-of-the-pants cookery.

On the plus side, it's all very simple and forgiving stuff. We like simple :)


  1. It's always great adding new recipes to your daily fare.

  2. Hi Ian - sounds like a fun idea ... for you both, and the two kids ... I'll check in occasionally - food always calls!

    PS those kind of recipes suit me - it's the ideas ... Cheers Hilary

  3. Stephen, it is, but I find you also need the energy and the inclination to try something new.

    Hilary, it's all about the idea, the inspiration, indeed.

  4. I applaud your ability to do a menu ahead of time and shop for it. I tried this for awhile. While it was great and made things so much easier, I got very tired of being the one to come up with the menu as help on that front was like pulling teeth. So we're back to making whatever I feel like making that night. Like your blog idea, the only thing that came out of my few months of effort was an ongoing cookbook that I keep adding to. Only things we've tried and liked go into it - usually pages ripped from magazines or prints from online recipes. This way when someone says they're hungry but they don't know what they want, I point them to the book of things we like.
    Discarded Darlings - Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction

  5. Jean, coming up with the ideas is the hardest part. That ongoing cookbook is basically what I'm doing, just doing it online.


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