Friday, June 27, 2014

Lost and found

Last month I loaded files to CreateSpace, sorted out a few formatting tweaks, and ordered a proof copy of the paperback.

The estimated delivery date came and went. No book.

Called the CreateSpace team, asked at the post office, waited more days. Still no book.

Called CreateSpace again and concluded that the package must be lost. They were very good about it and immediately dispatched a replacement which arrived yesterday.

This is a big milestone for me...I get to hold a physical copy of my book in my hands.

And I love it!

I'm a lot happier than I look - I don't do "happy" too well in photos...

Oooh! Shiny cover...

Did I really write that?


  1. Congratulations Ian, and great photos .. fun ones too .. so pleased for you - and I'm sure you feel chuffed to bits holding a copy of your own book .. did you really write it??!!

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  2. It's a beauty. Congratulations.

  3. That's an awesome feeling to hold one's book!
    My happy is your happy. Smiling is tough.

  4. Hilary, apparently I did - it says so on the cover :)

    Delores, thanks!

    Alex, smiling exercises a lot of muscles. Strange thing is, I smile a lot in real life, just not in front of a camera.

  5. Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! What's funny is that I often read things I wrote and think the same thing, "I wrote that?!" haha

  6. Chrys, I get that a lot, especially when I come back to a WIP after a long time away from it.

  7. It looks BEAUTIFUL!! Well done, sir! :)

  8. Thanks, David, I am very pleased with how it's turned out.


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