Sunday, March 3, 2013

"The End"

Two little words, so much meaning.

I finally wrote "The End" on Tiamat's Nest this evening. The first draft is finished, at just over 75k words.

I started this story back late in 2009, but ground to a halt after three months and 14k words. I clearly wasn't ready to write it just yet.

I picked it up again last summer, spending weeks getting my head back into this world and reminding myself of the story I planned to write, then resumed work in earnest in August. Now, just over six months later, I've completed my second novel.


First time around it felt like a huge achievement just to be able to say, "I've written a novel." Those words still tickle me, to be honest.

But now, I know it wasn't a one-off. That means a lot to me.

Of course, as I learned from Ghosts of Innocence, "The End" is anything but the end. It is only the beginning.

So, what next?

First, I plan to let it mull for a while before I think about any revisions. I haven't even printed it off for a full read through yet, and I need to give it a thorough overhaul before it's ready for anyone else's eyes. Then there's the critiquing process, which will likely take the rest of this year. Then more revisions, and then more of the same.

Yes, there is a whole mountain yet to climb.

But, for now, I'm content with the view from base camp.

How do you feel about those words: The End?


  1. Congrats on reaching base camp. We often don't realize that base camp is a haul all unto itself. And...base camp is often where one waits, for some time (as any good Sherpa will tell you) before the mountain can be challenged.

    Your time is coming, your energy is what will see you to the top. I'm very happy for you and wish you great success on this journey.

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Congrats on reaching the end! I know that feels darn good. Yes, there's work ahead, but bask in that feeling of accomplishment for a little while. You deserve it. :)

  3. Congratulations on reaching your mile stone....the end?....hardly!

  4. Awesome news, Ian! Wow. I'm so impressed. :)

    And, yes, this is just the beginning. Good luck on the next leg of your journey. You can do it!

  5. Congrats! Two of my novels got shelved, but I'm not going to leave them there forever. Maybe there is hope!

  6. Congratulations! Adding the words "the end" to a manuscript is an awesome feeling, isn't it? Bask in it for a little while. Then, it'll be time to roll up your sleeves and get back to work. Enjoy!

  7. Jenny, thanks for your kind words. I suspect I'll be at base camp for a while yet, gathering my breath for the next assault :)

    Jean, a little basking is in order, plus catching up on a few things that have languished while I've been working on this.

    Delores, the end? In your dreams.

    David, I hope you're still plugging away at your novel. It's a big project, but I'm rooting for you!

    Diane, there is always hope. Sometimes it does a novel good to rest on the shelf a while before coming back to it with fresh eyes.

  8. Susan, it is a good feeling indeed. This WIP can sit a while now, there's plenty else to do.

  9. omggggg Ian CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I wish you good luck finding it the best publisher ever. You must feel like a million bucks :). I have about 80k words til I can eventually say "the end" :).

  10. Hi Ian .. I'm so pleased for you - congratulations .. you must be basking in the sunshine. Great that it's finished, ready for the next phase .. and ultimately publication ...

    Enjoy a little while without worrying about it - the family will enjoy having you back!!

    Cheers Hilary

  11. Unikorna, a publisher would be nice :) Keep plugging away, that 80k will pass, one word at a time.

    Hilary, that's the hope :)

  12. Good job, Ian! "The End" is awesome. But you said it best-- it is only the beginning :-)


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