Thursday, March 14, 2013

A to Z 2013

I loved the comments on my last A to Z related post, trying to guess what my theme for this year might be.

All good guesses, and perfectly logical from what you see of me on this blog, but all way off the mark. Nobody hit on my day job, which is probably fair because I make a point of not posting about it too much.

This year, I will be posting alphabetically on topics related to software development.

* Pause for my two readers to polarize into opposing camps *

That statement probably had tech-heads salivating at the thought of posts on SQL, Java, OO, and server virtualization, and had everyone else running for the hills.

There will be none of that tech-speak in this series

If anything, it's quite an anti-nerd series. I will be posting about the human side of software development, and the need to keep the geek firmly in the closet when trying to solve real world needs.

I hope it's something non-IT people will find interesting. IT folks are welcome, too!


  1. Rise of the anti-nerd? Seems about time.

    Moody Writing

  2. Certainly sounds intriguing to me. Looking forward to it

  3. Hi Ian .. sounds very interesting .. the A-Z might give us a learning curve lesson too ... cheers Hilary

  4. I'll be here....even though I am NOT a techno freak and probably won't know what the heck you are talking about lol.

  5. Can't wait! Why? Because I'm a software developer. Bring it. :D

    A is for Altruism
    B is for Brand

  6. Sounds very cool from someone whose eyes glazed over when I first read that. I'll be away for part of April but look forward to catching up on your posts when I get back.

  7. Mood, my thoughts exactly. Amazing how one's perspective can change over the years :)

    Mynx, Hilary, I hope to live up to expectations!

    Delores, my plan is to talk in terms of things people can relate to. We'll see.

    Diane, I knew there were a few developers out there. I'll be interested to hear your reactions to my observations :)

    Johanna, so, can I keep your eyes from glazing over? That sounds like a challenge :D

  8. I look forward to seeing if you can truly keep the geek speak locked away. ;)

  9. Hi Ian,

    Oops, been quite some time since I um delighted you with one of my comments. And at almost three in the morning, I shall rectify this.

    I'm liking your theme for that gosh darn fun challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet. I shall visit you and check out your alphabet musings.

    Take care, eh! :)


  10. Although I am not a connoisseur in the area, I share some enthusiasm when it comes to learning new applications that might come useful to me...but that is all :)>

  11. Jean, that sounds like a challenge within a challenge, but that was the idea so I will try.

    Gary, your comments are always welcome. Look forward to seeing you around.

    Unikorna, I can't promise anything useful, but I hope to give some vaguely interesting insights :)


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