Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things that make me happy

I thought I would counter the ranting in my last post with a few positive thoughts. Because, for all the things that irritate me, I need to remind myself that there is much that makes me happy.

Examples this week...

Passing the 60k mark last weekend on Tiamat's Nest. Overall, I reckon I'm about a month behind the target I set myself back in August, which isn't bad considering it was pretty arbitrary and I had little idea then what lay ahead. I am very happy with what I've done. I just need to wrestle those last few chapters into submission.

Getting our Canadian passports in the mail. This feels like almost as big a milestone as citizenship itself.

And this morning...

Ali and I found this little note folded and waiting for us at the top of the stairs:

Dear Mom,

I love the new kitten you got us. She is so cute and playful. I love it when she climbs up the curtains and down again. It is so funny when she plays with her toy mouse and does a leap for it when you move it. It is so nice when you put her in my bed to wake me up.

from, Matthew

How cute is that?


  1. I love the kitten note although I am cringing a little at the thought of the curtain climbing.
    Congratulations on the passports. Dealing with people each day applying for passports, I certainly know how much of a big deal it is to get one.

    It may be time for me to do a post like this, they are so uplifting to write and read

  2. What a good idea to balance the grumpies with the warm fuzzies.

  3. All of those (and especially the last) should make you happy. This post has made me feel a lot more positive than I did five minutes ago.

    Congratulations on passing the 60k mark!

  4. Auww. It's little notes like that make up for all the aggravation kids put us through. :)

    Sounds like you're making good writing progress. Keep at it!

  5. Mynx, the curtain climbing is a little scary. Luckily they are thick enough to stand up to a little punishment!

    Delores, I do prefer to be positive than dwell on negatives, however much fun a little rant may be now and again :)

    Ellie, glad to have made a positive impact.

    Jean, of course, they then go and invent new things to make up for don't they? Writing progress is still good. Hope to start putting some up on CC before Easter.

  6. Hi Ian,

    What a positive upbeat posting. And to end with such a heart warming note from Matthew. Great stuff, my friend. And a Canadian passport, eh.


  7. Good balancing act! Good "beefs" in your last post, and lotsa good "whipped cream" stuff today. The note from Matthew was the cherry on top. A very sweet one.

  8. Gary, that note was so sweet, and well-written.

    Susan, the 'beefs' were just a bit of fun, but I always feel better posting nice stuff.

  9. Hi Ian .. Matthew's note is delightful - what a loving son!! Canadian passports through that's good news ..

    Sounds like 2013 is coming together ... now for Tiamat's Nest ...

    Cheers Hilary

  10. Hilary, I don't want to jinx it - it's early days yet as far as 2013 goes :)

  11. Congrats on the passport and the writing.

    Glad to hear Matthew likes the kitten. :-)

  12. Misha, those things feel good, for sure, and this is the first time our kids have had a kitten. For the last few years we've always adopted adult cats. It's a big novelty.

  13. Congrats on hitting the 60k mark and what a nice note! Love kids who take the time to tell you they appreciate what you're doing!:)

  14. That is so adorable, Matthew is so cute, having a kitty sounds like a smart choice, you guys are my kinda people :).

  15. Bazza, I don't think you "get over" kittens at any age :)

    Katie, indeed. It was a lovely surprise.

    Petronela, cats are my preference. The rest of the family seems to like animals of any description.

  16. What a fun post. Glad you're up to 60K--how many to go? Love the kitten story! All the best for reaching your goals in 2013!

  17. Denise, for this first draft I'm expecting to finish somewhere short of 70k. I know there are bits to flesh out more, so my editing will likely add more than it removes. Eventually, should wind up in the 80k to 90k range.


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