Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lizard Happiness

I know this is the time of year when people like to reflect on the year gone by, or make plans for the year to come. I like to be different, so I'm kicking off 2013 with an award instead.

I noticed it's been a while since I handed out a Blog of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so today I would like to acknowledge Mynx, of Lizard Happy.

Mynx's blog always makes me smile. A celebration of multi-colored hair, unique slices of life, and vibrant artwork. Go check it out. It's a happy and beautiful place to be.

There is nothing to do on receipt of this award, no obligations, no questions to answer, no requirement to pass it on. Just acknowledge it and display it in whatever manner you see fit.

And this award is free for anyone to hand out. If you see a truly beautiful blog, feel free to bestow this award. You do not need to be tagged first. Just grab the image, say why you are awarding it, and let the recipient know.

BTW - I do have plans, or at least hopes, for 2013, but that will be a subject for another post.


  1. What a lovely way to start the year.

  2. Thank you so much. I am really chuffed to recieve this lovely award from you.

  3. Delores, that's what I thought :)

    Mynx, you are most welcome.

  4. I wish you a lovely new year with lots of new sources of inspiration for your novels. I like Mynx as well :). So, 70 000 words for a novel...oh, My, you woke me up to reality, Ian :).

  5. Sorry for the alarming wake-up, Unikorna. Yes, even 70k would be a fairly slim adult novel. Beyond that, it depends on the genre what readers typically expect.

  6. Hi Ian .. Blog of Outstanding Natural Beauty Award sounds good to me ... I'll be checking it out. Your book must be well on its way - let's hope you can finish it ... I'm looking forward to being able to read it ... cheers and have a very happy 2013 - Hilary

  7. Hi Hilary, the book is coming along, slowing down as I patch up the gaps I left along the way. Then we'll be into a few years of critiques and revisions if the first book is anything to go by :)

  8. Happy New Year! Enjoyed the recommendation very much! Cheers!!


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