Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog of Outstanding Natural Beauty

It's time to bestow another Blog of Outstanding Natural Beauty award. This time to Unikorna, of Why I Wake Up Every Day.

Unikorna's blog is varied, thought-provoking, and always visually rich. I find it presents beauty in many forms: mouth-watering food, the human body in all sorts of contexts, and some extraordinary fantasy images.

There is nothing to do on receipt of this award, no obligations, no questions to answer, no requirement to pass it on. Just acknowledge it and display it in whatever manner you see fit.

And this award is free for anyone to hand out. If you see a truly beautiful blog, feel free to bestow this award. You do not need to be tagged first. Just grab the image, say why you are awarding it, and let the recipient know.


  1. WOW! An award just for being an award. Well, that is a bit different :-)

  2. Another lovely award. I know quite a few bloggers who deserve this.

  3. That's great! I was just introduced to Unikorna- she stopped by after you gave me the award. Well deserved!

    I don't know about her but now I really feel I have to live up to it! :)
    Thanks again and cheers!

  4. I love Unikorna and she is the perfect choice for this award. Her blog is simply stunning

  5. Angela, I confess I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I'm assuming it's a good thing :)

    Delores, if you know deserving bloggers, then feel free to hand them an award.

    Danette, you should have no trouble - just keep doing what you're doing :)

    Mynx, glad you agree :)

  6. Oh MY, Ian, I am blushing here. I am a fervent admirer of beauty in all forms and I am truly happy someone noticed that :)). You're really kind thinking of me, I think I shall pass it on to a few other bloggers I have in mind. Kisses, so many kisses :)>

  7. Glad to make you happy, Unikorna. And, I have trouble imagining anything that could make you blush :D

  8. Aw, what a sweet idea. I love blog awards that go out just for the sake of appreciation. Now I gotta go check out Unikorna's blog.


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