Saturday, October 6, 2012

30k and counting

I wasn't paying much attention at the time, but I just realized that last night I passed the 30k mark on Tiamat's Nest.

*Happy grin*

Hoping to add another 30k by Christmas. I know that's a paltry effort compared to all you NaNo Ninjas, but it's a big deal for me.


  1. 30k is nothing to sneeze at congratulations

  2. Hi Ian,
    I think that's a terrific amount. And besides, my friend, you go at your own pace. Well done and here's to your next 30K :)
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  3. Congrats! I think it's a lot too. I don't even try to go at it like the NaNoer's- couldn't possibly come up with something that I would be proud of or even thing was worth working on. Well done!

  4. Delores, I think 30k is something of a psychological milestone - 1/3 of a novel.

    Gary, I treat novel-writing like a marathon, rather than a sprint. I do envy those who can knock out thousands in one day, though.

    Danette, I can't imagine tackling NaNo. I'm a slow writer, and I'd have to take the month off work or something to find the time.

  5. It sure isn't a "paltry sum" to me. Congratulations. We've gotta celebrate all the milestones.

  6. Wow Ian that is so impressing, your muse must be doing a great job. 30k is a lot it's almost half of what you are planing ..I suppose...congrats and happy writing.

  7. Susan and Petronela, the sum itself is certainly not "paltry". 30k is a lot of words. What I can't imagine doing is pumping out that quantity at the pace the NaNo-ers go at.

    I'll stick with slow and steady. The "slow" is guaranteed. It's the "steady" I need to work on :)

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