Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roll on summer

I hear some parts of the country are basking in a heatwave.

Can you please send some of it this way?

Megan & I were out this afternoon, got cold and wet, and I've just had to light a fire to dispel the damp. It's the end of June. What's up with that?

Before any climate change skeptics start saying smugly, "So much for global warming," remember, the world is warming remorselessly on average. Some bits warm a lot - spare a thought for polar bears starving as the dwindling summer ice shortens their hunting season each year - some bits warm a bit, others maybe cool down.

All over the place, though, weather is getting messed up.

Ali and Matthew are camping this weekend. Last of the season. Under canvas. I hope they're OK.

How are things where you are?


  1. We're recovering from a heat wave here in NYC . . . the last three days have been SWELTERING! Unbearable, really. So much heat, all that concrete. Believe me, you would hate the Summer too if you lived here.

    But, alas, I'm sure temps will warm up nicely in your parts very soon. As for me, I'll keep a stiff (tho sweaty) upper lip and simply wait for Fall to arrive. Now that the first day of Summer has come and gone, the days are just getting shorter from now on. :)

  2. Since I live just South of the border and Vancouver, I hear you on the rain. We have the heat on here in Bellingham tonight, no joke. However, I was just in Indianapolis where they had 90 degree weather the whole time I was there and it hasn't rained in 3 weeks. Crazy world. I'll take the rainy cool over the living in air-conditioning 24/7 any day of the week, though.

  3. I HATE summer. I think the world would be better off if we skipped that season all together. Any temp above 70 is far too hot for me. I would much rather go out every single day wearing a jacket. And preferable only about 6-10 sunny days a year as I don't much like the sun either. I know, I think I'm a vampire. LOL

  4. David, heat and concrete don't mix, I know. Never visited NYC, but I remember how London trapped the heat and how oppressive it can get - and that's nowhere near what you endure.

    Shell, it's brightened up a bit now. Megan & I just got back from walking the dog. Odd what a difference a few miles can make, we've never had air conditioning - only get a few days in a typical year when it would be worth switching on.

    Melissa, I like all seasons in their place. I wouldn't want endless summer, but I couldn't do without it. For me, there's something calming about sitting in the shade with a cool drink on a sunny day.

  5. Hi Ian .. wet - very wet! very very wet ..

    Next?! Wimbledon next week .. we might get some sun?! Closed roof though for one court - so we'll get some tennis ..

    Went to Oxford again on Friday .. bit of a mixed journey across country by train with rain and broken trains ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. It's lovely in NE Ohio and predicted to remain so the next week. Unsummerly 70 degree daily weather. But it's temporary, we're still in drought, and those western forest fires and relentless. I'm waiting to the smoke to be over the midwest.

  7. Here in Eastern Europe is about 95 degrees F - 36C. I literally cannot breathe anymore...

  8. Hilary, aah, yes, Wimbledon, that great British rain-making ceremony :)

    Say "hello" to Oxford for me please.

    Joanne, 70 would be balmy right now. I'd settle for that. Like Melissa up above I don't like it too hot, 80 is just right.

    unikorna, that is getting beyond my comfort range, though it depends on humidity. We took a trip to France one year where it stayed a steady but very dry 39C, which was OK as long as we stayed in the shade.

    I'm glad you gave the Celsius equivalent, I just can't think in Fahrenheit.

  9. You don't have to convince me! I have long thought the term should be climate (or global weather) chaos. It fits much better and keeps those nutters who still refuse to believe (and a recent poll found that almost 70% of Americans now believe in climate change) from saying, "So much for your warming climate" when we have record cold spells.

    We are in the midst of record heat-- it was 104 yesterday and we could do the same today. I don't mind it but there are a lot of people here that can't tolerate the heat. They like Denver's (mostly) mild climate.

  10. Funny, we just spoke to my boyfriend's parents in Holland and they said the same thing--definitely not summer weather on the other side of the Atlantic, either. In Curacao, where I'm at, it's hot, but then it always is :)

  11. It's in the 100's here in Kansas. :( I'm staying inside while my plants are shriveling in the heat. Poor plants, and poor polar bears. I feel terrible about them. :( Frowny faces all around.

  12. Danette, I guess 104 suits you, though, with your hankering for Florida :)

    Guilie, Europe sounds like a mixed bag. Britain is bad too, but eastern Europe is getting the heat, like eastern America.

    Lindsey, I can't complain about shriveling plants. Everything here is growing at a rate of knots - especially the weeds :)

  13. ah, well.. california is nice and cool, not too hot, not too cold... just sunny and breezy.... sorry - ;-/

  14. Here in Australia it's the coldest winter we've had in a long time. So I'd like some of that heat too!!

  15. Mostly comfortable. It's been a gorgeous summer so far. Looks like the heat hits us tomorrow though, hopefully only for a few days.

    Sorry about your dreary cold weather.

  16. We have house guests from Vancouver for two weeks from Monday. They will find UK weather familiar to them as it's been much like you describe. What groceries do you recommend we buy in for them?
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  17. Oops! Been neglecting to respond to comments :(

    Danneromero, that's not what we usually associate with California :)

    Lynda, Australia's not exactly known for cold, either. I'm sure you'll have more sun around the corner.

    Jean, sounds like you've been enjoying a good middle ground.

    Bazza, Victoria & Vancouver are not typical of the rest of Canada. I'm sure your guests will feel at home. As for food, they should be good with whatever you have. Individual tastes vary far more than national "favorites" so it's more a matter of knowing what they want. Please make sure to introduce them to real bacon though :)


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