Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Canadian at last

I'm afraid I've been out of circulation for the best part of a week. We went camping for the long weekend (Victoria Day here in BC), which involved getting the trailer packed and ready beforehand, and unloaded afterwards, and ...

Oh yes, mixed up in there somewhere ...

Seven-and-a-half years after landing in Canada as permanent residents, and twenty-one months after submitting our citizenship application ...

We are finally proud to be full Canadian citizens.

Our ceremony was held on the naval base just outside Victoria.

The sun shone - almost too much, in fact, because by the end of the afternoon we all found ourselves suffering the effects of hours without shade. Despite that, though, the ceremony was enjoyable and moving.

There were some introductory speeches, then the important part - the oath. There were 58 of us altogether becoming new citizens. We stood up row by row, and we each had to announce our name. The children didn't have to take part, as they are still under age, but I was so proud when Matthew and Megan called their full names out, loud and clear. We all then had to recite the oath as a group. Immigration officials are very serious about this part - you must be seen to say the words otherwise you blow it.

Afterwards, there was a large and delicious cake to cut ... with a large sword and a little help ...


  1. I'm so happy for you all. Congratulations on becoming citizens. Canada is lucky to have you!

    And, wow, that is one yummy looking cake. I'm so jealous! :)

  2. wow Million congratulations, my dear virtual Canadian friend, you are a very distinguished gentleman :) and your family is adorable. I am truly happy for you. I wish you a very happy and long life in Canada :).

  3. And so it is official. You are a Canadian. Now we can show you our dark side bwah ha ha. Seriously, I hope you and your lovely family have many years of happiness in the land of the maple leaf. We are a contented bunch.

  4. Congrats to all! And what a great memory for your kids - using a real sword to cut that beautiful cake...

  5. Congratulations! That's awesome!!

  6. Congratulations. You have joined a lot of great Canadians I've come to virtually know.

  7. Hi Ian,
    How's it goin', eh? I am delighted for you and your family for becoming proud Canadian citizens. My friend, "The Maple Leaf, Forever".
    Take care, eh.
    Gary :)

  8. Thanks for your kind wishes, everyone.

    David, the cake was as good as it looks. Those navy chefs can turn out some excellent food.

    Delores, my biggest fear was that they'd discover my dark side before completing the process :)

    Katy, Matthew asked if it was sharp. The Rear Admiral replied, "It depends how hard you swing it."

  9. Congrats again and thanks for sharing the great pics!

  10. You're most welcome, Danette.

  11. How wonderful! Woohoo for you guys! Officially my neighbor to the north :-)

  12. Oh, Congratulations to you! BC is beautiful and I often prefer Canada's policies to the US, so i wish you well. I hopped over from bloffee at Katie's place, so thank you for the cake!

  13. Where else have you held citizenship before Canada?

  14. Hello Hart, pleased to meet you.

    Kimberlee, up until now we've just been UK citizens. We still are, because both countries are OK with dual citizenship.

  15. Hi Ian ... congratulations to you and the family - delighted time has ticked on and you're now finally Canadian citizens. I see you're on Vancouver Island .. lovely place .. my mother has a cousin who farms up at Duncan ... Glad you survived the excess sun .. and I love the pictures ..

    Cheers enjoy your first weekend as proper Canadians! Happy days - Hilary


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