Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Last year, I remember how the blogging world went very strange in April. Everyone, it seemed, was taking part in the A to Z Challenge. I didn't have time to spare back then, because I was busy finishing this, but this year forewarned is forearmed.

So, I've signed up.

What have I let myself in for?

The idea of the challenge is for bloggers to post daily throughout April (with Sundays off) with posts related to each letter of the alphabet.

To make things more interesting, I decided also to stick to a theme throughout the month.

Because I'm still up to my eyeballs in revisions, my mind is swimming in Ghosts of Innocence-related thoughts, so I'll be posting snippets about Shayla's world, continuing the series I've already started.

There. I've said it! Now I just have to make it happen!


  1. Good for you. I did it last year and it was a lot of fun.

  2. Good luck! These blog memes are not my idea of fun, so my rule is to never engage in them. There, I said it! :) But that being said, I'm going to be looking forward to your 26 posts in April. So long as I don't have to write them, I'll have no problem reading them. Should be interesting . . . if you can spare the time.

    1. I saw this last year too and am thinking about signing up.

      I'm confused though. Do they give you the word for each letter, or is each blogger responsible for thinking of a topic per letter?

  3. I'm with David on this one. I'd rather chew on someone else's toenails, but I wish you the best of luck! :D

  4. Delores, good for you. Are you joining up again? I see there's a huge list already!

    David, I know you don't go in for these things. I do have a plan of attack forming to spread the load a bit...

    Clutzattack, the choice of topic is entirely up to the blogger. All the A to Z organisers do is publish a schedule of which letter on which day (April 1 = "A", April 2 = "B" etc.) and it's up to you to post something relating to that letter on that day.

  5. Hi Lindsey, each to their own :)

  6. You won't regret it (even though by day 7 you'll have realised you should have pre-written more posts and that you'll not visit anyhwere near as many blogs as you'd like)! I did it last year and loved it. Like you, I've decided I need a theme this year. Just need to think of one now. LOL.

  7. Ellie, having a theme has definitely helped me in my thinking so far. I've got a provisional subject for a post for each letter now. Some may get changed, but it's a start.

  8. Plus...if you don't sign up, people won't wander randomly into your site like I just did!
    I saw your name on the sign up list and came over to say "Hi". Not too many men on the list and my blog's for dads. I thought I should at least say hello... then I find out you are also in Canada. I'm in Canada too. Do I know you? Just kidding- its a Canadian joke. I'm in Ontario

  9. hi, botanist.. i hope all is going well with the challenge... boy, lots and lots of writing to do.... whew! thanks for stopping by my post, and commenting... i look forward to following your posts...


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