Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lightning updates

My legs survived last Friday's cycle, and managed to do it all again on Tuesday. Much less painful this time. I said it would get easier.

Last weekend, my current round of revisions broke through 75% complete. Well on target to finish by the end of the month. Yay!

Admittedly, this section is proving a lot easier than some, so I'm on a roll right now. I think there's another tougher bit to come where the critiques were harsher. Uh-oh...word count crept up by 100 in the last week. That's not the way it's supposed to be going at this stage!

I've been drawing out a more detailed plan of the "snail house" that I sketched a couple of weeks ago, and which I'll share another time.

Look out for the Origins blogfest on Monday, hosted by DL Hammons, Creepy Query Girl, Alex J Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish. Participants will share when and how they first became writers. Click on one of the links for more details.


  1. Congratulations on motoring your way through those revisions.

  2. Yes, great job! You're almost there now . . .

  3. My WIPS always go up in word count as I revise too. It seems I cut half out and then add it back in other ways.

  4. Thanks Delores & David.

    Johanna, I fully expect the word count to go up, just not yet. This round is all about tightening and slimming - and making room for a couple of scene additions still to come.

  5. Yup, word count is a tricky thing, but if we remember to cut all of the unnecessary words, paragraphs, and scenes, it will balance out in the end. Good luck!!

  6. Margo, I've probably taken over 2k out just in unwanted words and sentences here & there. I'm trying to stay below the magical 100k overall.

  7. Glad the revision - and the cycling - is going well. Long may they continue :-)


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