Monday, December 12, 2011

Revision targets - mixed news

I am actually making progress with revising Ghosts of Innocence. Just not very fast.

On November 30, I started at 14% complete (from earlier efforts this summer) with a target of 50% by the end of December. Last night I hit 21%, so you can see I'm falling way short. Worse, I suspect my time will be even more limited than it has been so far with this thing called "Christmas" looming. Oh well, we'll see.

In my defence, Yer 'Onour, that 50% was entirely arbitrary and I had no idea whether or not it was realistic. I was sure it would be a stretch, and it is proving to be so. But then, what good are targets if they aren't challenging?

I have better news on my other target of staying below the magic 100k word count. I started the month at 98,800, and my revisions so far have had the net effect of trimming words. Current total is 98,550.

Of course, this pass through isn't the final round. I'm concentrating on the sentence-, paragraph- and scene-level edits. I'm collecting notes for bigger-picture issues to be worked back in later. That is likely to add words, so I need a bit of headroom to play with.


  1. Ah yes, the dread word count trimming. I'm always so good at it until, like you said, it comes time to work in the really cool stuff I need in there to round out certain scenes. Then all of a sudden --whoops! Over the limit. Drat!

    But hang in there, Ian. And cut yourself some slack! What you've managed to complete thus far is impressive, and worthy of some slow time during this hectic time of year.

    Good luck!

  2. The whole month of December is a major time-sucker with all the Christmas preparations. It sounds like you're doing well despite all that. Keep going!

  3. If it makes you feel better, it took me almost a year to make it 100% through the last round of edits on Trust. I'd say you're doing pretty darn good. ;)

  4. Wow! You guys are quick off the mark with your encouragement. Thanks.

    David, luckily my word count already includes two new scenes I drafted back in the summer.

    Lindsey, with all the Christmas stuff going on, I think I need this as my retreat to sanity from time to time :)

    Jean, that's good to know, thanks. BTW what is happening with Trust? I don't recall you talking about it recently.

  5. Ahh, the pressures of writing...if only time were arbitrary this wouldn't be an issue.

    I'm following, by way of the Deja Vu Challenge (pardon the lack of accents in Deja - it's late and I'm a wee bit too lazy to go searching for them).

    As a homegrown BC'er I welcome you and your family to this wonderful province - I hope you are all enjoying yourselves here!


  6. I totally feel you - I finished my NaNo at 96 000 words, and I know I don't want to skip the 100 k mark. Yet, there are things I usually must add, rather than take out (as my critters tell me). So I totally feel you.

    You seem to be doing well with your revision. I confess that I actually work well under pressure. This year, after all the crits were in, it took me 1 month to completely revise Hunters... what came out was apparently much better, but still needs some work.

    So, chin up and keep going :)

  7. Sounds like you are right on target with your word count! Good stuff, keep it up!

  8. Deadlines are like rules. They're meant to be broken. 98,800 to 98,550? Adverbs, perhaps?

    Good luck!

  9. I just finished revising my book after my latest round of critiques, and it took me over 2.5 months. I think revisions always take longer than you think they will. Good job on staying under the 100,000 word count, too!

  10. Hello Jenny, and welcome. That Deja Vu challenge is huge isn't it? I'm looking forward to the 16th.

    Steph, if you revise at the same speed as you write, I'm not surprised by that :) Sadly, I find revising to be a long and painful process.

    Jennifer, thanks. OK so far but plenty of opportunity to go pear-shaped!

    Pam, oooh! Sly dig! Not all adverbs, sometimes whole sentences, but I know there's hundreds of the little blighters to cull in the later chapters.

    Caryn, hello. I reckon on maybe 3 months for me. We'll see.

  11. I think you're making awesome progress considering the end of the year is so busy, Botanist. That's pretty much the reason why I'm taking the rest of the year off from blogging. Good luck to you, and Merry Christmas. :)

  12. Thank you Laila, and Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy your blogging break.

  13. *wiping away a tear of laughter* Oh my, do I feel your pain. Keep at it. The first revision is always the worst. I find if I'm working with critters, or at least pledged to send them a draft, I work much more effectively. Still, I don't think there should be any pressure until you're to draft 3, minimum. Otherwise you stave the creative additions/embellishments an unhurried brain will supply. My best works are the ones that simmer on the mind for years.

    Keep at it. Oh, and here's a block of cheddar to keep brain functionality optimal. ;)

  14. Glad your revisions are going steadily and well!

  15. Thanks Lydia!

    Crystal, I think that's the problem - this is a long way from being my first revision. But it is by far the most intensive. *Nibbles cheddar with slightly wild look in eyes*


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