Friday, December 23, 2011

The "C" word

Each year, I despair at the steady elimination of the "C" word from our collective vocabulary.

I have been wished "Happy Holidays". Recently, my department held a "Winter Celebration" lunch. Everyone around me bends over backwards till they can see between their ankles to avoid the "C" word.

And I bite my tongue and go with the flow.

No longer.

Today, I got a cheerful postcard from my MP inviting me to a Town Hall meeting and wishing me, in nine different languages, "Happy Hanukkah!"

Let's be clear about one thing: I am thoroughly agnostic, so I have no axe to grind in favour of one religion over another. I also despise this timorous tippy-toe-on-eggshells-around-people's sensibilities, but, if we're going to impose politically correct blandness on the world, then let's do it equitably or not at all.

The PC brigade seems to equate multi-culturalism with "let's show how open-minded we are by kowtowing to all and sundry while suppressing our own right to our own opinions." That's bullshit. To me, multi-culturalism means understanding and tolerance of other people's cultures, and enjoying reciprocal tolerance for our own. This is a two-way street.

More to the point, although this is a politically secular country, there is a very specific reason why we traditionally have a holiday on December 25, which we should not forget. We don't mince words about celebrating Canada Day, or Labour Day, or Thanksgiving, so why does this holiday get such short shrift?

So, I am genuinely happy that someone to whom it means something would wish me a Happy Hanukkah.

In return, and in the same spirit, I unashamedly wish you all a Merry Christmas.


  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you, sir!

    By the way, I only say "happy holidays" when I'm including New Year as well. Never to be PC.

  2. Merry Christmas to you as well, may your bells jingle and your pudding be sweet.

  3. David, I could never imagine you succumbing to PC-ness, never fear there! Interesting thought about including New Year, though. I've always treated them as two very distinct celebrations.

    Delores, ooh-err, I'm sure I don't know what you're suggesting :D

    Carrie, I hope your Christmas is full of joy.

  4. Merry Christmas to you as well! I hope it is joyful and triumphant! :)

  5. Heather & Clutzattack, I wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas! I'm with you. I'm also agnostic and feel the same way. And, there's always been a Christmas tree in my house, not a holiday tree.

  7. I am so honestly happy... reading you...Please receive a very warm and friendly hug from someone who deeply appreciates... you..
    Thank you and Happy Holidays...any kind of Holidays :)

  8. You and I are on the same page!
    I openly, and without apology, embrace Christmas. And not for all the reasons one might think! I grew up with it, it's part of my calendar and it's a chance to have family close at hand.

    When I wish someone Merry Christmas...I have no hidden agenda.

    So, with that, may I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


  9. Diane & Jenny, I may not be a believer, but I embrace Christmas because it's part of my culture, and I do believe in the spirit of the season.

    Unikorna, I know this is a tough time for you and your boyfriend. *Hugs* Hold on to whatever light and hope you can.

  10. LOL. While living in NYC I was introduced to the idea of Christma-Hanuk-Kwanzaa.

    I hate the tippie-toeing too. Call it what it is and let people be offended if they choose to be.

    Merry Christmas, and may your cheese be abundant!

  11. Right on, Crystal! I hope you had a good Christmas too, and bountiful cheese :)

  12. Excellent! And I unashamedly hope that you had a most peaceful 'Boxing Day Eve', eh! :)

  13. Hi Gary, we did indeed! And I hope your Christmas was peaceful and happy too.

  14. Preach it! :)
    I do say Merry Christmas w/o worrying how it will be received. It IS my culture/faith and I'm always respectful of others' culture/faith...why not expect the same in return.
    Best wishes for 2012!

  15. And a Merry Christmas to you again, Botanist! I agree.

    Happy New Year!



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