Sunday, October 9, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

It's that time of year again. We don't have family nearby with which to share this intensely home-oriented celebration, but we do nevertheless pause to give thanks for the many riches we are lucky enough to enjoy.

Living in such a beautiful and peaceful part of the world. Even if the pressures of work and/or kids drive me to distraction much of the time, it's hard to stay wound-up in such stunning surroundings.

Friends and family, wherever they are in the world.

Cozy wood fires, and firewood stacked & ready to see us through the winter.

A roof over our heads, and food on the table. Things which we take for granted, but which are unattainable luxuries for so many.

And cheesecake. Where would we be without chocolate-covered cheesecake?

Oops! That didn't last long.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


unikorna said...

woww I started stacking the fire wood too. Here winters are fierce and we have numerous problems with frozen pipes or frozen water pump.
I would love to see your fireplace. reallyyyyy..

Stefanie J Pristavu said...

Happy Holidays!

We don't give thanks for anything. Our next big holiday is Christmas :p Anyway, we don't really cerebrate much of anything else around here (except Christmas and Easter).

David Batista said...

Wow, did you cut all that wood yourself?

But, happy thanksgiving! Ours is still a ways off, but I actually do enjoy the holiday. It's one of the reasons this is my favorite time of year, in fact.

Botanist said...

Unikorna, we're extremely lucky that winters are not too harsh out here on Vancouver Island - unlike the rest of Canada.

Steph, I think Canadians like an excuse to party. It looks like you have more holidays than the UK, but we are lucky to have one or two more.

David, LOL, no - that would be a mammoth task. We get it delivered cut (it's sold by the truckload) although I find a large percentage is a bit wide and needs to be split down some more.

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I'm coming over to your house for some chocolate cheesecake right now! ;)

Botanist said...

LOL! You'll have to hurry Lindsey!

Heather Henry said...

Wow, that looks like some amazingly yummy cheesecake. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Nice large stacks of wood, wow, do you go through all of that in winter? Sounds nice and cozy. :) Hope you are having a lovely Fall.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! For once, I got to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with friends in Canada! We drove up to Vancouver and had a great time. Sounds like you did, too!

Botanist said...

Heather, the cheesecake was goooood! And we normally get through most of that stack each winter. It is our main source of heat in the evenings.

Jennifer, a proper Canadian Thanksgiving is a huge affair. We've been lucky enough to be invited to a few gatherings in our time here. Just the four of us this year though, which is also nice.

Laila Knight said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you too. Great, I'm going to have to buy cheesecake now. ;)

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